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These athletes crush it in their sports.


Aaron Hanna


Tampa, FL

Aaron Hanna goes hard at everything he does - especially his sport. Just three years after his friend suggested they try out CrossFit - he opened up a gym. Fast forward to today and he’s made it once all the way to the CrossFit Games and to regionals 6 times. In life, just like a workout, you have to let it rip and then quickly find somewhere to sit down afterwards.


Tony Carroll


Orlando, FL

While Tony Carroll lives everyday with no regrets, probably the only thing he would change would be to somehow gain the ability to fly - since that would definitely make his life as a wakeboarder easier.


Tony Iaconni



Our first athlete from down under, Tony Iacconi is sure to impress. If not with his Australian accent, then definitely with his wakeboarding skills. After riding for more than 12 years, his favorite thing about the sport is definitely the crew that comes with it.


Hunter Sims


Auburn, FL

Hunter Sims hit the wakesurfing sport hard. He’s a two time Guiness world record holder for consecutive shove-its, raised money wakesurfing for charity, and rose to the top of plenty of podiums. What keeps him in the sport is seeing progression in wakesurfing and bringing new tricks to the table for other athletes to try out.


Tyler Gilliard

Flatland BMX

Lakeland, FL

At the young age of 14, Tyler Gilliard began riding Flatland BMX one day to try out something new. That decision quickly formed into a passion of his that has taken him all over world and introduced him to a slew of awesome people along with amazing adventures and opportunities.


Chris Bagg


Portland, OR

Chris Bagg is a nationwide professional triathlete in swimming, running, and biking. He has his own coaching group where he trains triathletes, cyclists, runners, swimmers, and more to become faster, healthier, and happier. Sign us up.


Katie Hansen


Moab, UT

It takes a special person to repeatedly jump out of planes and off of mountains - and Katie Hansen is it. She is into just about anything that gets her off of the ground and up into the sky - and the crew, adventures, and good times that come along with that doesn’t hurt either.

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