1. Should kids wear sunglasses?

    Should kids wear sunglasses?
    Picture this - You’re about to walk out the door. You're going to a neighborhood child’s birthday party. You open the door and promptly get blinded by the bright sunlight outside. You squint a bit, then reach for your favorite pair of sunglasses (hopefully with fresh Fuse Lenses). Then, you turn around and usher your precious child out the door with you. Are they wearing sunglasses too? If you’re anything like almost 70% of
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  2. The Final Race: Petit Le Mans

    The Final Race: Petit Le Mans

    Earlier this month marked the end of the race season for our favorite Mini driver, #FuseAthlete Dr. Jay. The Fuse crew made the long road trip up to Road Atlanta in Georgia.  Petit Le Mans is one of the largest races in the Southeastern United States. The main event is a 10 hour endurance race on the last day. While unfortunately, a crash took the Fuse car out of commission before that, we still had a great time. Like always, the Fuse crew was out there cutting lenses, giving away free stuff

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  3. Tony Carroll | Pro Wakeboarder

    Tony Carroll | Pro Wakeboarder
    • AGE // 27
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  4. How to Not Go Blind During the Solar Eclipse

    How to Not Go Blind During the Solar Eclipse
    In case you haven’t heard, it’s dangerous to stare directly at the sun. On August 21st, 2017, hundreds of thousands of people across the Continental United States will be doing exactly what their mothers warned them not to do - staring directly at the sun. Staring at the sun on a normal day is fairly bad and can cause plenty of
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  5. Busted! Common Myths About Sunglasses

    Busted! Common Myths About Sunglasses
    With summer in full swing, many will be or have been reaching for their favorite summer accessory - shades. However, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around about sunglasses. Of course, we know that you know better because you read our blog! So, this summer when you hear a naive sunglass-wearer utter a falsity about their sunglasses - you will know how to respond. They say: “Darker Lenses offer more s
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  6. Sunglasses are all about fashion... right?

    Sunglasses are all about fashion... right?

      Wrong! Actually, I’m not sure if anyone really believes that sunglasses are only for fashion since everyone knows they serve another important purpose - protecting your eyes! However, I am sure that not many people really understand why you can get sunglasses with so many base tints. You can get a brown, green, grey, rose, yellow, and more! And, I’m ha

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  7. Grand Prix of St.Petersburg

    Grand Prix of St.Petersburg

      Fuse is back in the office for three short days before venturing back out to the 12 Hours of Sebring Race Event. Before we do that, we wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth, and to the awesome Chase from Kanga Marketing who just seemed to keep finding the mic and kept the crowd coming and going with awesome giveaways, contests, and some jokes.

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  8. Driving in the Rain

    Driving in the Rain

    There is only one thing worse than driving, and that is driving in the rain. We’ve all been there - a few drops fall from the sky and suddenly everyone forgets how to drive. The windshield becomes smudged with rain and visibility is lowered (and is it just me, or does everyone forget they have a turn signal?). Well, there is one thing you can do to ease your dr

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  9. 3 Reasons to Use Sunglasses in the Winter

    3 Reasons to Use Sunglasses in the Winter

      With the colder days on their way, many people tend to hang up their favorite pair of sunglasses. It’s a common belief that sunglasses aren’t as important in winter. However, you might be surprised to learn that eye protection in the winter can be even more critical. There is certainly no chance Fuse will see any snow in sunny Florida, but this is for all our Fuse fans who are buried up in the Northern snow. Here are the top three reasons to wear sunglasses during winter: 1. For

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  10. Get the Best Drive

    Get the Best Drive

      Getting blinded by the sun while driving isn't just annoying, but also can be very dangerous. But, did you know that driving with the wrong sunglasses could be just as dangerous? Here are the top 3 mistakes made when choosing the perfect pair, whether it's for your daily commute or your next road trip: 3. They are the wrong tint If you're a girl who " sees the world through rose-colored glasses" - we have some bad news for you. Fashion tints in b

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