1. A Fuse Christmas

    A Fuse Christmas

    'Twas the night before Christmas, when all the through the house

    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

    Even though the stockings were hung and the children asleep,

    St. Nicholas was out getting hammered on drinks that were cheap.

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  2. Fuse goes Mannequin

    Fuse goes Mannequin

    Our take on the Mannequin Challenge. Just a typical Fuse work day, frozen:

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  3. Airventure Oshkosh

    Airventure Oshkosh

    The Fuse Crew is finally back on land and back in our home-state after attending EAA's Airventure Oshkosh 2016 this past weekend. Fuse came to support two of the newest additions to the #FuseAthlete team roster: The Paradigm and Aeroshell Aerobatic teams.

    Paradigm team

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  4. Welcome to Summer

    Welcome to Summer

    Summer is here! Bring on the late nights, boat rides, BBQs, and beach days. We've missed you, Summer.

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  5. Replacing Aviator Lenses

    Replacing Aviator Lenses
    Fuse makes some of the coolest lens options around for your sunglasses.  But, most people don't know that you can change the lenses out at will.  You may assume that the lenses are glued in the frame or fastened in a way that a professional would have to change them out.  Even the manufacturers of most frames would say that the lenses are not interchange
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  6. Custom Cut Throwback Lenses

    Custom Cut Throwback Lenses

    Watch the video to see the transformation

      Customize your Eyewear /// Throwback from FUSE LENSES on Vimeo.

    1980's Smith's Retro Frames

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  7. Plastic and Metal Frames

    Plastic and Metal Frames

    How to Change the Lenses in your Sunglass Frame

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  8. Small Shoves for Compassion

    Small Shoves for Compassion

    We are so proud to call Hunter Sims a Fuse Athlete.  This young man delivers his good deeds on a daily basis and is an inspiration to us all at Fuse Lenses.  Check out his recent video for a charity event that he is putting together himself!

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  9. Early Gaper Day!!

    Early Gaper Day!! What else do you do on a warm mid winter day!?  Gaper it up because you can! Video by: Kanga Marketing
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  10. Replace Yourself

    Replace Yourself

    Just a little music video to calm your spirits.... Replace Yourself from FUSE LENSES on Vimeo.

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