Choosing your Summer Sunglasses
      It’s that time of the year again. Time to pick out that killer pair of shades that is going to be the perfect UV fighting accessory for all that your summer holds. But, how do you even start to figure out what your perfect match will be? Well, we are glad you asked. We've compiled a list of 5 questions to ask yourself that will lead you to your dream pair.
  1. What will you be doing? There are endless summer activities and an even larger assortment of frame styles to go along with them. Lounging by the pool is no doubt going to require a fashionable oversized pair for blocking maximum sun and looking like you are at a spa, even if  you are in your local community pool. On the other hand, summer sports are going to require a lightweight frame that isn’t going to slide off your nose during crucial moments.
  2. Do you look good? Let’s be honest, you can probably pull off anything with the right attitude. But, if you start out by figuring out your face shape, you can make sure your choice of sunglasses is always on point. For instance, a square face with more angular features can benefit from rounded styles to soften looks, just as a same as a more rounded face needs a rectangular or angular style to help define features.
  3. What lens color? [caption id="attachment_1871" align="alignright" width="350"]Summer Fishing Sporty Frames equipped with any of Fuse's Grey Polarized lenses are perfect for Summer Fishing[/caption] Lens color comes down to preference in most cases. We could tell you all day that a brown lens might be better for a certain activity, but if you prefer grey, nobody will stop you (or at least we won’t). Still, different lens colors do have different benefits. For example, yellow lenses shine in low light conditions, but brown lenses can improve color contrast and depth perception on those super sunny days.
  4. Are they polarized? 99.99% of the time, this answer should be yes! If you are spending any time outside this summer, having a pair of polarized specs can vastly improve your life. Polarized lenses not only cut glare like nobody's business, but they also help eye fatigue giving you a more comfortable viewing experience. Even better, for all those trips out on the water this summer, the reduced glare allows you to look into the water, instead of being blinding by the glare bouncing off of it. I know I don’t have to remind any boaters or fishermen of this.
  5. How do they fit? We’ve all suffered through some poor fitting, but good looking sunglasses in our life (or maybe that’s just me). But, if your sunglasses don’t fit well, you are not only are going to be less likely to wear them, but they also might not offer as much protection as a well-fitted pair. You can pay attention to face measurements and things like that, but most of the time you should just try it on! You will know, almost right away, if they feel comfortable. Another common fit issue, we see a lot in older pairs. We’re talking about that one arm on your frame that just won’t stay in place, no matter what you do. But, you actually can do something! If the arm is loose, it typically just means the tiny screw is starting to come out of place. Almost any optician’s office or sunglasses retailer will tighten it up, no problem. We will too, if you come visit us or are doing a custom order - so don’t suffer through bad fit.
Once you find your perfect frame, or dig it up from your junk drawer, Fuse is here to help you transform them. Awesome sporty frame, but not polarized? We’ve got your back. Find a fashionable frame, but hate the color of the lens? We have loads of colors to choose from! You don’t have to compromise your summer vision - or style - any more. You're welcome.