Mayhem On The Mountain

fuse's winter theme

ski-3 mayhem-montage It's winter!  There's the Winter X Games going on as we speak in Aspen!  There's snow days shutting down schools and workplaces alike!  It's 80 degrees and what feels like Spring time here in Florida..... So, we are packing up some sunglasses, a ton of video equipment, some apparel and even a bear suit and heading to Breckenridge for what we are calling "Mayhem on the Mountain".  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for some cool behind the scenes action of what is going on there while we pull together our winter content for the rest of this year and next winter.  There will be some serious video, some goofy B reels and a bunch of shots of me (probably in the bear suit) falling on my ass a lot. Come along on our adventure, we'd love to have you there!   -Brandon Dill Fuse Lenses Owner/Founder/Worst Skier Ever