1. Can't Sleep? Wear Sunglasses

    Can't Sleep? Wear Sunglasses

    If you thought that wearing sunglasses at night was reserved for the celebrities or other cool people among us, you might be surprised. There is now a growing number of scientists joining this club...

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  2. What are you doing with your Eclipse Glasses?

    What are you doing with your Eclipse Glasses?

    The Great American Eclipse 2017 was one of the most anticipated astronomical events, maybe ever. But, it is now in the past. If you're anything like me, you are stuck with eclipse glasses that you have no idea what to do with. You can throw them in the trash; but then you may get haunting nightmares about global warming and trash-filled oceans. You can try and save them for the

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  3. How to Not Go Blind During the Solar Eclipse

    How to Not Go Blind During the Solar Eclipse
    In case you haven’t heard, it’s dangerous to stare directly at the sun. On August 21st, 2017, hundreds of thousands of people across the Continental United States will be doing exactly what their mothers warned them not to do - staring directly at the sun. Staring at the sun on a normal day is fairly bad and can cause plenty of
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  4. Sunglasses are all about fashion... right?

    Sunglasses are all about fashion... right?

      Wrong! Actually, I’m not sure if anyone really believes that sunglasses are only for fashion since everyone knows they serve another important purpose - protecting your eyes! However, I am sure that not many people really understand why you can get sunglasses with so many base tints. You can get a brown, green, grey, rose, yellow, and more! And, I’m ha

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  5. Limited Edition Spring Tints

    Limited Edition Spring Tints

    Fuse is so excited to announce the release of our first limited edition colors! We were feeling the spring season this year and decided to offer some pastel tints to put some spring into your glasses too! Our three tints named Coral, Orchid, and Ocean will be sure to make you more fashionable, more awesome, and have you feeling like it's springtime, all the time. Check them out now. 

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  6. Do Sunglasses Make You More Attractive?

    Do Sunglasses Make You More Attractive?
    With Valentine's day coming up, many people are longingly looking at those with baes, or vying for a date at a local bar. But, what if I told you that there is a way to increase your “je ne sais quoi” when it comes to nabbing a prospective partner? Well, (as you may have guessed due to the constant theme of this blog) the answer is to wear shades. Here are four reasons why, when on the prowl, you will never want to leave the house without them: [caption
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  7. Driving in the Rain

    Driving in the Rain

    There is only one thing worse than driving, and that is driving in the rain. We’ve all been there - a few drops fall from the sky and suddenly everyone forgets how to drive. The windshield becomes smudged with rain and visibility is lowered (and is it just me, or does everyone forget they have a turn signal?). Well, there is one thing you can do to ease your dr

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  8. Nova: Fuse +Plus Exclusive

    Nova: Fuse +Plus Exclusive

    Introducing Fuse's First Fuse +Plus Exclusive Color! 

    Nova is a stellar multi-colored Red Mirror on top of a grey base lens. This means that Nova's mirror has hints of not only red, but also purple, orange, and yellow when viewed from different angles. This gave us inspiration for the name - Nova. A Supernova is a brilliant explosion of a star at the end of its life. A supernova can briefly outshine entire galaxies

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  9. Can Sunglasses Expire?

    Can Sunglasses Expire?
    Research recently surfaced in Brazil that showed that our favorite sunglasses might start to work against us. Scientists at the University of São Paulo developed an aging test to see how well sunglasses stood up to UV exposure over time. Turns out - not so great. It looks like after 2 years of everyday sun exposure of 2 hours per day, the UV protection may deteriorate. Of course, risk and exposure is higher in countries l
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  10. Why Ion?

    Why Ion?
    ion-coating-graphic What is Ion? When making improvements to our line of Fuse +Plus, we added the Ion coating to the back of every lens. But, what does it even do? Fuse Lenses' Ion, or anti-reflective, coating is a microscopically thin layer that is applied to the back of your lenses to co
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