What's the difference?
Standard vs. Fuse +Plus

A: All Fuse Lenses options are made from optical grade material, filter out 100% of harmful UV light, and surpass all ANSI Z87.1 safety standards in independent tests. Fuse +Plus Premium Polarized lenses are all polarized for glare reduction, feature our Clear Guard hydroleophobic coating for easier cleaning, an Ion backside Anti-Reflective coating to block distracting light, and a stronger Fuse Force hard coating for up to 2.6 times more scratch resistance than our standard lenses. Fuse Standard Lenses are available in polarized or tinted (non-polarized) options and do not feature any special coatings. Check Out our Lens Science page for more details.

Are these OEM, and do they have the brands laser mark on them?
e.g. Ray-Ban or Costa Del Mar

A: No, Fuse Lenses manufactures its own line of replacement lenses made from a proprietary composite blend of polymers for maximum optical clarity, impact resistance and tensile strength. We are not affiliated with any other company. Our lenses are custom cut to fit into the brands and models of sunglasses listed. They are not OEM (Original) lenses and will not feature any other brand’s logo on them.

Is it easy for me to change the lenses in my sunglasses myself?

A: Yes! Here is a link to a video showing just how easy it is to install these lenses yourself: Fuse Lenses Videos. I think you may be surprised at how simple it is. We make our lenses in a way that is easy to interchange with your frames. This way, you can change your lenses to suit your mood without having to worry about damaging your frame.

I don't see my sunglasses listed, can I still get lenses?

A: Check out our Custom Lens Program! If you are a U.S. Resident, we offer a custom program where we email you a shipping label for your frame and a PayPal invoice (payable by any major credit card). Once your frame and your payment is received, we will process and ship your frames back to you with the lenses already installed. The cost is $20.00 for processing (includes shipping), plus the price of the lenses.

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