What Are In Fuse Lenses

Fuse Lenses were created by optical lab engineers to provide an inexpensive,
quality lens replacement option for your expensive designer sunglasses.


Lenses made in all shapes and sizes.

A good pair of sunglasses deserves the best in lens technology.

Clear Guard


Clear Guard is your first line of defense against dirt, dust, and grease that try to lessen your quality of vision.

Ion Coating


The Anti-Reflective (AR) coating is applied last to enhance our line of Fuse +Plus lenses. This helps to reduce eyestrain, diminish distortion, and improve vision.



Compared to the industry's average .8mm width, Fuse Lenses are stronger and more durable.



Fuse polarized lenses block 99% of all surface glare, allowing you to both see clearer and let your eyes relax.



Compared to the industry's average .8mm width, Fuse Lenses are stronger and more durable.



On select lenses for extra color pop and that famous reflective mirror style outer coating.

Fuse Force


Fuse's Fuse Force high-end lacquer hard coating is fused to every lens during a thermal heating process. Blocking UVA, UVB, & UVC.


And constantly improving.

Our latest features for the highest quality in optical replacements.

2.6x more scratch resistant 2.6x more scratch resistant

Play Rough

An improved fuse force hard coating protects your lenses against the toughest treatment.

Tougher Coating Tougher Coating

Embrace Dirt

Dirt, oil, and water slides right off our lenses with our tougher clear guard, hydroleophobic coating.

ion coating ion coating

Relax Your Eyes

Ion, anti-reflective, coating was added for improved clarity and less eye strain from distracting light.

20+ Colors

Polarization available

custom cut every time

clear guard

Fuse Lenses: a good fit.

Your sunglasses have survived being dropped, sat on, and probably lost a time or two. We're here to keep the streak alive. Replace your lenses at a fraction of the cost of replacing your frames. We'll send you a box with brand new, easy-to-replace lenses.

bevelled-pop bevelled-pop

Bevelled For Easy Pop In

inspected quality inspected quality

Inspected For Quality

win reward points win reward points

Earn Reward Points

What we see
in Fuse.

Keep Your Favorite Frames

Scratches Happen. But you shouldn't be punished for living life in the fast lane. With Fuse Lenses you don't have to scrap your whole frame. In just a few steps, your sunglasses are good as new and backed by our stellar warranty.

Match Every Outfit

Tints, mirrors, gradients, and more. Fuse Lenses offers a wide variety of colors and features to suit your style. With a bevelled edge for easy lens switching, you can change it up whenever the mood strikes. Just Pop In. Go Out.

Resurrect Classic Frames

Our optical lab is able to custom cut lenses for nearly every style of frame. Even the ones that have been forgotten about since the 80s. So, go ahead and wipe the dust off of Dad’s classic aviators, they’re about to have a second wind.


Our customers love their new lenses.

A great price for great quality, makes for great testimonials

consumer reports consumer reports
Great price and fast delivery. Lenses fit perfect and look great! I can finally wear my favorites again!

-Tom H., FL

Fuse is going to allow me to keep my sunglasses long enough to leave them to the kids in my will!

-John L., WA

Great customer service with fast processing!!! I had to send my glasses to them because they didn’t have my frame style on file. Once they received my glasses it took a day to make my new lenses and ship them back to me. I was only without my sunglasses for less than a week. I love my new lenses!

-Diana G., MA

Just received my new lenses for my Oakley Daisy Chain Sunglasses. The fit is Perfect. Super easy installation, thanks to the video on your site. I am very satisfied and will be buying many more lenses and telling everyone about your amazing product. Thank you so much!!

-Sherri R.

Just received my new lenses for my Oakley Fives. These lenses fit my frames way better than the other lenses I have tried. Clarity and fit and finish of Fuse lenses are fantastic. I will be a return customer.

-Blake Z., ID

I received my bronze lenses for my Oakleys today. Fantastic product and service. They are exactly what I wanted! I watched your video on how to replace the lenses and had no trouble whatsoever! Thank you!!

-Ana D.


Standard, Polarized, and Plus lenses.

The breakdown of lens features, layers and pricing.







1 Year Warranty

No Questions Asked

1 Year Warranty

No Questions Asked

2 Year Warranty

No Questions Asked

Bevelled Edges

Easy Pop-Out, Pop-In

Bevelled Edges

Easy Pop-Out, Pop-In

Bevelled Edges

Easy Pop-Out, Pop-In

Fuse Force Coat

Scratch Resistance

Fuse Force Coat

Scratch Resistance

Fuse Force Coat

Scratch Resistance

100% UV Protection

Repels harmful rays

100% UV Protection

Repels harmful rays

100% UV Protection

Repels harmful rays

Polarized Filter

Cut through blinding glare

Polarized Filter

Cut through blinding glare

Anti-Reflective Coating

No Glare From Behind

Clear Guard Coating

Deflects Dirt and Oil

Mirrored Lens +$6

Selective Colors

Mirrored Lens +$6

Selective Colors

Mirrored Lens +$5

Selective Colors



I scratched my original lenses months ago and couldn't find any replacement lenses for the Kate Spade Annora glasses for a while. I recently checked again and saw them here! Installation was a breeze and the price was a lot cheaper than having to get another pair of sunglasses. Thank you!!!

- Jamie

Great Value

Bought these lenses and found that not only are they cheaper they do a better job of blocking out the sun. Its so nice when the sun is down and it's hard to see the glasses take out all the glare so you can still see the road. Definitely consider getting these!

- Herbert

Awesome lenses and easy to install!

Oh, my gosh. I LOVE my new lenses for my Oakley Breast Cancer Awareness frames. My glasses haven't been good to wear for 2 years, so I am ecstatic to have them beautiful and rejuvenated. I have to make a huge positive comment about your installation video. It was just that easy to remove the old lenses and snap the new ones in to place. Thank you for this clear, easy video.

- Sue

Perfect Fit, Easy Mounting, Great Looking Bronze For Tortoise Frames

The summary says it all. I would like to add that when I buy 3-4-5-6 pair of lenses it would be nice to have a notation of the model included in the koozey that the lenses ship ...which I have plenty of, thank you!

- LJ

Fuse Plus

Easy to install in my RB Wayfarer frames, and the protection, quality, and service are top notch.


Better than OEM

I dropped my Harley glasses (Whiley X) from about 3 feet to the sidewalk and scratched one lens badly. I bought these because they had extra scratch resistance. They came in 5 days, installed tight (but snapped in) and look great with the mirror color coating. Recommend FUSE to all.

- Jim L

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