Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, we do not have that model of sunglasses on file. However, we do offer a custom program where we email you a free shipping label *Us Residents Only* for your frame and a PayPal invoice that you can pay on line with any major credit card (or, of course, PayPal). Once your frame and your payment is received, we will process and ship your frames back to you with the lenses already installed.

Fuse is proud to manufacture and carry only our own brand of high quality, optical grade polycarbonate replacement lenses for any frames in your arsenal of sunglasses.


$20.00 Fee - Includes: Shipping (both ways), and lab setup fee. Plus Cost of the Lenses

$19.99 Non-Polarized: Grey, Brown, Yellow, G15(Green/Grey), F30 (Amber/Rose), Grey Gradient, Brown Gradient, Blue Gradient and G15 (Green/Grey) Gradient
Non-Polarized Mirror: Midnight Blue, Glacier Blue, Sapphire Green, Carbon Mirror, Chrome Mirror, Bronze Alloy, Red Blaze, Yellow Fusion, Cascade Orange, Cosmic Purple, and Bella Pink
$24.99 Clear Lenses and Night Vision/ Gaming Yellow
$34.99 Non-Polarized: Photochromic (clear to dark grey).

Polarized: Grey, Brown, G15(Green/Grey), Yellow, F30 (Amber/Rose), Grey Gradient, and Brown Gradient

Polarized Mirror: Glacier Blue, Sapphire Green, Carbon Mirror, Bronze Alloy, Red Blaze, Chrome Silver, Yellow Fusion, Cascade Yellow, Cosmic Purple, Bella Pink, and Midnight Blue
$44.99 Fuse +Plus Polarized with AR backside coating & Hydroleophobic coating:

Non-Mirror: Grey, Brown, and G15 (Green/Grey)

Mirrored: Fusion Yellow, Chrome Silver, Bella Pink, Cosmic Purple, Midnight Blue, Glacier Blue, Carbon Mirror, Sapphire Green, Bronze Alloy, Red Blaze, and Cascade Orange

For more information about each lens color visit our Color List:


  • - Your contact information (name, shipping address, phone, e-mail address).
  • - The Brand and Model of your sunglasses (check the inside of the temple for model numbers).
  • - The type of lenses you want including color, e.g. Glacier Mirror Polarized.

2) We will e-mail you a PayPal invoice for payment (any major credit card, or PayPal balance).

3) Next we'll e-mail you a pre-paid shipping label; mail us your sunglasses for lens installation..

4) Once we receive your sunglasses and payment, we'll process your order and ship your sunglasses,
      lenses already installed, to you with a great micro fiber cloth bag.

Contact Us:


New Grey Polarized replacement lensesGrey
*Available in Polarized

New Amber, or Brown Polarized replacement lensesAmber / Brown
*Available in Polarized

New Yellow Polarized replacement lensesYellow
*Available in Polarized

Yellow with AR CoatingYellow with AR *Gaming/Night Vision

New Crystal Clear replacement lensesCrystal Clear

New G15 Polarized replacement lensesG15
*Available in Polarized

Grey Gradient Tint

Brown Gradient Tint

New Carbon Mirror Tint replacement lensesCarbon Mirror
*Available in Polarized

New Bronze Alloy Mirror Tint replacement lensesBronze Alloy Mirror
*Available in Polarized

New Glacier Mirror Polarized replacement lensesGlacier Mirror
*Available in Polarized

New Sapphire Mirror Polarized replacement lensesSapphire Mirror
*Available in Polarized

New Blaze Mirror replacement lensesCascade Mirror
*Available in Polarized

New Blaze Mirror Polarized replacement lensesBlaze
*Available in Polarized

New Bella Mirror Polarized replacement lensesBella
*Available in Polarized

New Fusion Mirror Tint replacement lensesFusion Mirror
*Available in Polarized

New Cosmic Mirror Polarized replacement lensesCosmic Mirror
*Available in Polarized

F30 Amber / Rose replacement lensesF30 Amber / Rose
*Available in Polarized

REALD 3D Movie LensesREALD 3D Movie

New Photochromic replacement lensesPhotochromic


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