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What Frames Do I Have

Frame Type

The frame type can be printed on your frame as a name, a series of letters and/or numbers that make up the model number, or sometimes both.

Eye Size

The eye size is the horizontal width of your lenses and is very important for finding replacement lenses! This number is almost always located before a small square and usually ranges from 40mm to 62mm.

Lens Category

Some frames also list lens category. You will see a number 0-4, followed by the letter P or N. The letter P stands for polarized and N is non-polarized. This doesn’t matter for finding the right replacement lenses.

Bridge Size

The smaller number behind the small square is the bridge size. It measures the distance between the two lenses. For replacement lenses, this number can be ignored.

Temple Length

The temple length is the largest measurement, with the range being from 130mm to 160mm. This doesn’t matter when purchasing replacement lenses.

Color Code

This number is usually after the model number of the frame and before the size. Typically, the color code is a set of numbers and/or letters. Sometimes, the color code can be included in the model number, added after a dash. The color code can be ignored.

Safety Glasses

Some glasses that are safety rated have a Z87 written inside the temple arm. Unfortunately, when you replace your lenses in a frame with this marking, you are voiding the safety rating.

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