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Easily replace your sunglass lenses

our replacement lenses
3 lens tiers

Standard Lenses

All Fuse Lenses block 100% of harmful UV light and are made from a proprietary composite blend of polymers for crystal clear optical clarity, maximum tensile strength, and impact resistance surpassing ANSI Z87.1 safety ratings. Our standard, non-polarized lenses are no different.

  • High quality, non-polarized lenses
  • Blocks 100% harmful UV light
  • 1-year, 1-time replacement warranty

Fuse +Plus Polarized Lenses

Fuse +Plus lenses have all the benefits of standard and polarized lenses plus they feature our Clear Guard hydro-oleophobic coating for easier cleaning, an Ion backside Anti-Reflective coating to block distracting light and a stronger Fuse Force hard coating for up to 2.6 times more scratch resistance.

  • Our strongest, most advanced Fuse Lenses
  • Special coatings for easy cleaning and comfortable vision
  • Increased scratch resistance
  • Fuse +Plus laser engraving on left lens
  • Lifetime, 1-time replacement warranty & All features of Standard and Polarized
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Polarized Lenses

With Fuse polarized lenses, you can stop distracting light in its tracks and get back to enjoying your life. Polarized lenses block annoying glare that bounces off the road or water, increase color contrast for high-definition vision and reduce eye strain so you can comfortably wear your sunglasses all day long.

  • Reduces eye strain
  • Increases color contrast
  • 1-year, 1-time replacement warranty & All features of Standard

Easily Replace Your Lenses

Steps for Installation

  1. Pop old lenses out from inside, nasal corner
  2. Line up edges of Fuse Lenses, and press around edge
  3. Clean Lenses and celebrate your sunglass revival

Lens Comparison Chart

Lens types

1 Year Warranty
No Questions Asked
Bevelled Edges
Easy Pop-Out, Pop-in
Fuse Force Coat
Scratch Resistance
100% UV Protection
Repels harmful rays
Polarization Filter
Cut through blinding glare
Anti-Reflective Coating
No Glare From Behind
Clear Guard Coating
Deflects dirt and oil