1. 10 Ways to Reuse your Fuse Lenses Zipper Case

    New Fuse Zipper Cases

    Have you ordered any Fuse Lenses recently? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on our brand new packaging - a free, reusable Fuse Lenses zipper case

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  2. Can't Sleep? Wear Sunglasses

    Can't Sleep? Wear Sunglasses

    If you thought that wearing sunglasses at night was reserved for the celebrities or other cool people among us, you might be surprised. There is now a growing number of scientists joining this club...

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  3. Why Florida is OKAY

    Why Florida is OKAY
    We recently heard that a certain someone, *cough cough* Thrillist, decided to put Florida at the bottom of a list ranking all 50 states. We get you, we know that sometimes Florida can be… you know. Especially with
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  4. Should kids wear sunglasses?

    Should kids wear sunglasses?
    Picture this - You’re about to walk out the door. You're going to a neighborhood child’s birthday party. You open the door and promptly get blinded by the bright sunlight outside. You squint a bit, then reach for your favorite pair of sunglasses (hopefully with fresh Fuse Lenses). Then, you turn around and usher your precious child out the door with you. Are they wearing sunglasses too? If you’re anything like almost 70% of
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  5. Coastal Clean Up

    Coastal Clean Up

    Fuse Lenses teamed up with Keep Pinellas Beautiful to participate in the International Coastal Clean Up! Every year, the Ocean Conservancy leads a international movement to clean up our communities and track the kinds and amounts of trash found. Like a typical beach clean-up, we were out there putting in the work with gloves and trash bags. Un

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  6. The Final Race: Petit Le Mans

    The Final Race: Petit Le Mans

    Earlier this month marked the end of the race season for our favorite Mini driver, #FuseAthlete Dr. Jay. The Fuse crew made the long road trip up to Road Atlanta in Georgia.  Petit Le Mans is one of the largest races in the Southeastern United States. The main event is a 10 hour endurance race on the last day. While unfortunately, a crash took the Fuse car out of commission before that, we still had a great time. Like always, the Fuse crew was out there cutting lenses, giving away free stuff

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  7. What are you doing with your Eclipse Glasses?

    What are you doing with your Eclipse Glasses?

    The Great American Eclipse 2017 was one of the most anticipated astronomical events, maybe ever. But, it is now in the past. If you're anything like me, you are stuck with eclipse glasses that you have no idea what to do with. You can throw them in the trash; but then you may get haunting nightmares about global warming and trash-filled oceans. You can try and save them for the

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  8. Tony Carroll | Pro Wakeboarder

    Tony Carroll | Pro Wakeboarder
    • AGE // 27
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  9. How to Not Go Blind During the Solar Eclipse

    How to Not Go Blind During the Solar Eclipse
    In case you haven’t heard, it’s dangerous to stare directly at the sun. On August 21st, 2017, hundreds of thousands of people across the Continental United States will be doing exactly what their mothers warned them not to do - staring directly at the sun. Staring at the sun on a normal day is fairly bad and can cause plenty of
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  10. Busted! Common Myths About Sunglasses

    Busted! Common Myths About Sunglasses
    With summer in full swing, many will be or have been reaching for their favorite summer accessory - shades. However, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around about sunglasses. Of course, we know that you know better because you read our blog! So, this summer when you hear a naive sunglass-wearer utter a falsity about their sunglasses - you will know how to respond. They say: “Darker Lenses offer more s
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