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Fuse in any frame.

If you don't see your sunglasses, we'll scan your frames, cut custom lenses and mail it back with fresh Fuse Lenses installed.

Order Your Lenses

Do you have frames that are vintage, obscure, or super brand new that you can’t wait to have Fuse in? We can create lenses for nearly any frame! Just submit a request, send us your frame, and let us custom create and install fresh Fuse Lenses for you.


You Send Us A Request

Fill out the form with your name, contact info, address and desired lenses.


We Email You An Invoice And Shipping Label

Easily pay with our online invoicing.


You Send Us Your Frames

Leave your lenses in your frames and mail them to us with the shipping label we provide


We Custom Cut Your Lenses

Our laboratory will scan your sunglasses and cut a custom pair just for your frames


You Receive Your Frame Back, Fuse Lenses Installed!

As you can see... we make it easy on you to give your frames a makeover

Order Custom Lenses

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