10 Things You Should Always Have While Hiking

Are you getting ready to take on your next hiking adventure? Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just diving into the world of hiking, one things for sure, it’s important to be prepared. Luckily, that’s where we come in!  At Fuse Lenses, we're all about enhancing your outdoor experience and making sure you’re prepared for anything mother nature throws at you. So today, let's investigate the basic essentials you should always have on you while hiking. Grab a snack, lace up those boots, and let's get into it!




1. Your Choice of a Navigation Tool: Getting lost off trail is probably the last thing you’d want to happen while hiking, and it could happen to anyone. It may seem easy to always stay on the hiking trail, but a lot can happen in the wilderness, and without a reliable navigation tool, you could easily find yourself lost in no time. Whether you prefer a traditional map and compass or a high-tech GPS device, make sure you have something to keep you on track. We recommend the AllTrails app, which has offline navigation for a variety of trails that can help you from getting lost, no matter how much service you have.



2. A Basic First Aid Kit: Accidents happen, especially when you're venturing into the great outdoors. That's why a basic first aid kit is an absolute must-have for any hiker. Make sure you keep tools like tweezers, bandages, cold packs, gauze and scissors in your kit at all times. You’d be surprised how often those tools will come in handy. From blisters and bruises to more serious injuries, having the essentials on hand could make all the difference in an emergency. 



3. A Survival Blanket: Mother Nature can be unpredictable, and temperatures can plummet without warning, especially at higher elevations. A lightweight survival blanket takes up minimal space in your pack but could potentially save your life in a pinch. It's like having a portable cocoon when you need it most. ULINE makes high quality insulated survival blankets for experienced hikers, but you can find some almost anywhere online like Amazon, Walmart and Target.



4. A Headlamp: As the sun sets, a trusty headlamp becomes your best friend on the trail. Whether you're navigating rocky terrain or setting up camp for the night, hands-free lighting is essential for staying safe and seeing where you're going. Plus, it leaves your hands free for other tasks like pitching a tent or rummaging through your pack. Basic headlamps start at around 20 Dollars on Amazon, and can range anywhere up to 100 Dollars from high end hiking sites like PEAX.



5. A Cellphone: In today's digital age, a cellphone is more than just a means of staying connected, it's a lifeline in the wilderness. From calling for help in an emergency to accessing trail maps and weather updates, your smartphone can be a valuable tool on the trail. Just don't forget to pack a portable charger or extra battery to keep it charged! 



6. Protective Topicals: Whether you’re in the mountains, the forest, or the desert the sun is constantly beating down on you while hiking. Even on days that feel a little cooler, UV rays are still lurking. So, if you don’t want a nasty sunburn after every hike, make sure you have some sunscreen in your pack. The sun isn’t the only issue though, what about the bugs? Especially for hikes through the forest, double check you bring some bug repellent with you too.



7. Food and Water: Hiking trails can take a long time to conquer, and a lot of the time a little rest is required. Bringing snacks and water bottles can make all the difference during a long hike and can save you from overheating or undereating. The last thing anybody wants to do is finish a hike while they’re hungry, thirsty and tired, so make sure you bring some nourishment for those trails.  



8. Binoculars: Don’t forget why you’re on the trail in the first place, to see the nature! A pair of binoculars gives you a clear view of all your surroundings without having to stray too far off the trail, saving you time and energy. You can find a good pair of binoculars for cheap almost anywhere, and they can really improve the hiking experience.



9. Extra Hiking Clothes: Mother Nature can throw some unexpected things your way while you’re hiking. Whether it's a huge puddle right in your path or a tree branch ripping your sleeve, an extra pair of hiking clothes could save you from an uncomfortable hike. Bringing an entire extra outfit including socks, shirts, and pants is always ideal, especially on those long hikes.



10. Fuse AMP Sunglasses: Eye protection seems like an obvious essential, but we don't just recommend any pair of sunglasses for hiking. At Fuse, we have a whole page dedicated to hiking specialized glasses, with AMP color enhancing lenses to make your surroundings pop, durable frames to withstand the elements, and dark lenses to blend you into your surroundings.


Shop AMP Hiking!


Hiking is a highly beneficial activity, both physically and mentally. But it’s important to make sure your pack contains everything you might need while out on the trails. From survival blankets to sunglasses, when you’re out in nature, every tool is an essential. At Fuse, we’re all about enhancing your outdoor experiences, so gear up, double check your pack, and hit the trails with Fuse Lenses.




  • Always remember a navigation tool like a compass or GPS.
  • Make sure to keep a first aid kit in your pack.
  • A survival blanket is always a good call when going hiking, just in case.
  • A headlamp or some other form of hands free lighting is essential.
  • Make sure to keep your phone charged and on you at all times.
  • Bugspray and suncreen are always a must.
  • Make sure to bring extra snacks and water for long hikes.
  • Make sure to pack extra clothes in your bag.

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