Are My Ray-Bans Real?

Ray-Bans first appeared in the early-to-mid 20th century. The aviators and Ray-Ban first appeared in the early-to-mid 20th century. The aviators and wayfarers grew to iconic status with their use in classic movies such as The Blues Brothers and Easy Rider. As the popularity of Ray-Bans kept growing, the number counterfeits increased as well. Sometimes we find a deal that seems too good to be true, but we buy it anyway. Make sure your sunglasses are real so you won’t run into any problems. Below are just a few quick questions you can ask yourself to help decipher if you indeed have an authentic pair:

Classic black wayfarers Ray-Ban
Find out how to tell if your Ray-Bans are real or fake.

How Much Did I Pay?

The popularity and quality of Ray-Bans come at a price, just like any big name brand. Ray-Bans typically start around $130 and go up from there. If you choose glasses with polarized lenses, you can expect a price increase for that feature. You might find some great deals on sites like eBay, Amazon, and others. But, if the sellers are parting with their glasses for way below market value, they might not be authentic. Unfortunately, the only true way to buy online, worry-free, is direct from Ray-Bans or an authorized seller. As some of you may know, Fuse Lenses sells lenses out of Viso Sun Shop in Clearwater, Florida. Viso Sun Shop is also an authorized seller of Ray-Bans, so you can purchase frames from there worry-free.

What Did It Come With?

Ray-ban case, Ray-Ban purchase box, Ray-Ban cleaning cloth and a Ray-Ban booklet
All Ray-Bans purchases come with a box, booklet, a carrying case, and a cleaning cloth.


When purchasing your Ray-Bans, pay attention to the packaging it comes in. All Ray-Bans purchases should come with a box, booklet, a carrying case, and a cleaning cloth. What a purchase does not include is an authenticity certificate.

  • Box: The paper box it comes it should be a shiny, silver box with the Ray-Bans logo on it. On the side of the box, you should see a label with barcodes. 
  • Booklet: In the packaging, there should be a small booklet that includes promotional images, product characteristics, and tips on how to care for your glasses. The booklet itself is not the authenticity certificate
  • Case: Depending on the frames you get, the cases will differ. However, the majority of the cases should feel like and resemble real leather. It should also have a seal, black or gold, on the front left side. The seal should say ‘100% UV Protection - Ray-Ban - Sunglasses by Luxottica’. The exception to this would be the junior glasses. 
  • Cleaning Cloth - The cleaning cloth should be of high-quality material and should also have the Ray-Ban logo.

Are the Details Right?

Ray-Bans are a higher-end sunglasses line and there should not be any noticeable defects in the glasses’ appearance. On the actual frame, Ray-Bans have pretty consistent details on all frames:

Gold aviator Ray-Ban with dark lenses and a RB engraved under the transparent nose pad
Wired frames should have an engraving under the transparent nose pad.


  • On wire frames, such as Aviators, the transparent nose pad will have an engraving on the metal beneath it.
  • On Wayfarer’s, the hinges on the arms are always large metal hinges, and will not be disguised or be a smaller, flimsier hinge.
  • The logo “Ray-Ban” will be painted on the top of the right lens - it should not be flaking or smudged.
  • On every left lens, a small “RB” will be engraved in the center-left of the left lens. This should not be painted on. This may vary only if it is a vintage pair of Ray-Ban’s which might feature a “BL” instead, for the previous owner of the brand, Bausch & Lomb which sold Ray-Bans to Luxottica in 1999.

These packaging items, as well as any markings on the glasses themselves, should be free of spelling and printing errors. 


Blue Ray-Ban lenses with the Ray-Ban cleaning cloth
The Ray-Ban painted on top of the right lens should not be flaking or smudged. On the left lens, there should also be a small RB engraved in the center-left.

    What Do the Inside Temples Look Like?

    The inside temple should feature a model number, color code, and size. A lot of the different types of models for Ray-Ban start with an RB, followed by a series of numbers. Sometimes the model also includes a name with the model number. You can use those numbers and letters to look up what glasses you have online. Sometimes counterfeiters will print the correct model number, but the color code or the size may not match up. If you are having trouble locating the model number or finding an exact match online, there is definitely a chance that it is fake. Previously, you might have heard that if your glasses did not also say “Made in Italy” on the other temple, that they were fake. However, this may not be true. After Luxottica acquired Ray-Ban, some models were manufactured in both Italy and China.

    To help identify which Ray-Bans frames you have, try checking out our model identification page.

    The inside temple should feature a model number, color code, and size. Use this information to look up your frames online.


    When trying to figure out if your Ray-Bans are real or fake, there are three things you should consider. The first thing is the location purchase and the monetary amount. If the sunglasses are surprisingly cheap, there is a high chance that they may be fake. If you purchase your Ray-Bans from an authorized seller, you can be more at ease that you have the authentic glasses. The second thing is the packaging and the details on the frame. Does a new pair come with a box, a carrying case, a cleaning cloth, and a booklet? Is it free of spelling and printing errors? The last thing to look at is the numbers on inside the temple. Use these numbers to look up your model, color code, and size to see if they match with a model online.

    If you still have questions about the authenticity of your Ray-Bans after reading this article, we are here to help. We deal with hundreds of glasses every week, and we can help identify your frame.



    If you happen to have a pair that isn’t authentic or a model that we don’t carry, we might still be able to hook you up with replacement lenses if you live in the United States. Check out the full details of our custom lenses program to see if this right for you.


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