Best Shades for Back-To-School

It’s that time of year for students to pack up their school bags and get ready to learn again. It’s back-to-school season! It’s time to start picking out what to wear to school and no back-to-school outfit would be complete without a stylish pair of shades. In this post, we’re going to show you the best glasses to go with the perfect back-to-school attire. 

woman smiling wearing blue light glasses on phone
Blue light glasses help with eye strain from device use.

Blue Light Glasses 

Whether you’re studying at home or on campus in class, you’re going to want to get your hands on some blue light glasses. Blue light exposure can come from just about anywhere including computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and general lighting. Because blue light falls at peak light damage, it is important to utilize blue light glasses to help protect your eyes. Blue light also controls something known as our circadian rhythm, which is also known as the sleep cycle. Our habits of watching TV, checking our phone and staying on our laptop before we go to bed can naturally disrupt our sleep patterns due to the unnatural exposure to blue light. Blue light suppresses the secretion of melatonin which is a hormone that regulates our sleep schedule. Extended exposure to blue light throughout the day and at night can prevent us from falling asleep or getting a good night’s rest. Blue light exposure can also cause immense eye strain. If an overexposure of High Energy Visible light reaches the retina over time, this could cause serious damage to light-sensitive cells. Throughout our life, if overexposure continues, we could be more likely to have diseases such as macular degeneration or cataracts. 

Fortunately, blue light glasses can help. Using these glasses can help reduce headaches, reduce eye strain, and improve melatonin secretion to improve our circadian rhythm. We all know how important it is to get sleep as a student and how often students use devices, so it should be a no-brainer that blue light glasses are a necessity for back-to-school! 


folded polarized sunglasses on table
Polarized lenses help protect you from the glare of the sun!

Polarized Sunglasses

With driving to campus and walking from class to class, the sun is bound to bother you one way or another. With polarized glasses you can stop worrying about the glare from that pesky sun. When wearing polarized glasses, the surface blocks glare by filtering out the horizontal light waves that don’t fit through the chemical laminate pattern. Chemical Laminate Pattern might sound like a complicated science-y term that only a chemist could understand, but it’s actually a lot more simple than you think. This pattern is a part of your sunglasses that keeps harmful light out and lets good light in. In addition to reducing glare, they also ease eye strain from hours in the sun and can help with headaches that are caused by light sensitivity. One more benefit of polarized lenses is that they help you see into the water, which means they can be useful on your days off from school when you go out on the water or to the beach!

Polarized lenses also help with visual clarity and acuity. They also help with color contrast so images will appear clearer and crisper. Having polarized lenses increases the visibility of details due to the contrast of colors. Since these glasses make it easier to see and remove glare, walking around campus is going to be a breeze! 


variety of colorful lenses
Tinted lenses help with a wide variety of eye problems such as eye strain, clarity and acuity.

Tinted Sunglasses

When it comes to tinted sunglasses there is such a wide variety of benefits. Not only can they match your outfit, but they also offer a wide range of assistance for your eyes. Gray lenses offer anti-fatigue, reduced glare and overall protection from the sun. Gray lenses are good for almost any weather condition and a wide variety of activities. Brown lenses offer enhanced contrast, improved depth perception and blue-light blockage. Brown lenses are best worn on sunny days, so when the sun is blaring on that walk to class, brown lenses will be your best friend. Green lenses offer the perfect color for any outdoor activity and dimming glare while also brightening shadow. Green lenses are also perfect for evening out color perception and keep the distortion of color at a minimum.  Yellow lenses provide clarity in fog and low-light conditions. Yellow lenses are also great for increasing visibility and improving depth perception. With such a vast range of lens colors to choose from, you’re sure to be the most stylish (and protected) student on campus. 

Regardless of the glasses you choose, Fuse Lenses can be your partner in looking stylish and staying protected this school year! Our lenses are made with optical grade polycarbonate material that offer 100% UV protection. We offer every color and frame for almost every brand in your sunglass collection. Feel free to contact us at support.fuselenses.com with questions about your lenses, we are here to help!

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