Can You Replace the Lenses in Your Sunglasses?

You could be an Oakley fanatic, a Ray-Ban enthusiast, a Costa Del Mar devotee or a Maui Jim addict. Your go-to brand of sunglasses doesn’t matter, because we all share the same feeling of panic when our lenses scratch or break. Is it possible to replace the lenses of your favorite pair of sunglasses?

Oakley Sunglasses with orange lenses photo by Tyrel Johnson
Most manufacturer warranties only cover factory defects. For specifics on what is covered, please check with your place of purchase.

Will the Original Manufacture Replace the Lenses Under Warranty?

Every manufacturer is different and you will have to check the terms and conditions of the warranty of your particular brand, but here are some general takeaways.

A factory defect is the only thing that is covered under a manufacturer warranty. To get a repair under this warranty you need to show proof of purchase within two years of buying it. The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear, mishandlings or accidents. If you happen to drop your lenses and scratch them, it will not be covered by the manufacturer. Additionally, if you had any alterations to the sunglasses from a different vendor then the warranty is voided.

Some sunglasses, like Costa Del Mar, offer a lifetime warranty and do repairs in their shop instead of using a third party. However, this lifetime warranty is only offered to a small selection of sunglasses and do not include items that are limited edition. Like the other companies, it also only protects against defects in materials or workmanship, not accidental scratches from the customer. A shipping and handling fee will also have to be paid in order to send your sunglasses for repairs.

Can You Remove Scratches From Lenses?

Leopard print sunglasses with scratched lenses
They are some home remedies to "fix" the scratches on your lenses. However, this usually adds haze to the lenses and decreases your visibility.


What happens if your sunglasses are out of warranty? If the damage is minor and you are comfortable fixing things yourself, you might be inclined to do some home remedies to try to solve the issue. This might not be a good idea because it might actually damage your lenses more.

With a quick search online, you might find different methods that use different household items like toothpaste, baking soda, brass or silver polish, vehicle wax, and furniture spray. When using them to fix the scratches on your lenses, they might actually look like they work. These methods only fill in minor scratches on your lenses and that is usually done at the expense of your vision. It adds haze to the lenses and decreases your visibility. If you want to try to fix your glasses with one of these methods do so at your own risk. 

Buying Replacement Lenses

There are certain instances when buying replacement lenses is the best thing to do. When buying replacement lenses, you have two options: buying it from the same original company or buying it from a third party.

Buying Direct

You might run into some problems if you try to purchase replacement lenses from the original company. Some companies, like Spy, only offer replacement lenses for select models. If the model you own doesn’t have the option to buy replacement lenses, Spy offers you a 40 percent discount of new sunglasses if you show them proof of your damaged ones. Other brands, like Von Zipper, does not sell replacement lenses and they encourage to buy another pair instead.

Not all companies are like Spy or Von Zipper when it comes to buying replacement lenses. For example, buying replacement lenses from Oakley is very easy to do from the Oakley’s website. Buying replacement lenses might be cheaper than buying a new pair of sunglasses, but it can still be pretty costly. Another issue you might run into is that the companies that do sell replacement lenses usually only have them for their current styles. If your favorite style of frames got discontinued, the chances of finding the replacement lenses are very slim.

purple aviator mirrored sunglasses
You might run into problems if you buy replacement lenses directly from the same brand as your frames. Some companies only offer replacement lenses for select models, while others don't offer replacement lenses at all and require you to buy a new pair of sunglasses.

Buying From a Third Party

There might be some hesitation when it comes to buying replacement lenses from a third party. Do they offer lenses for your specific brand and style? If they do, is it of good quality?

Fuse Lenses focuses on offering quality replacement lenses for your designer frames. Every lens here at Fuse are custom cut, so even if the original company has your favorite style discontinued, Fuse may be able to help with a custom cut replacement lens.

To put you more at ease, the return at Fuse is pretty straightforward. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, for example, if you ordered the wrong sized lenses for your frames, you can send it back within 60 days.

There are three different types of lenses at Fuse, Standard, Polarized, and Fuse+. The lenses at Fuse are more scratch resistant; it has a hydroleophobic coating so dirt, oil, and water can slide right off; and it has an Ion, anti-reflective, coating to improve clarity and reduce eye strain.

The warranty and returns at Fuse are also straightforward. With any purchase of lenses you get a one year, one-time replacement warranty standard, with no questions asked and if you get the Fuse+ you get a one-time lifetime warranty with no questions asked. This means it doesn’t matter if it is a factory defect or if your dog chewed up your lenses, either way, we send you an extra pair to replace that one.

There are over 50 brands of sunglasses at Fuse that you can choose from to order your replacement lenses. Even if you don’t find the style that you are looking for, you can submit a request to order a pair of custom lenses at Fuse Lenses. (The custom lenses only applies to those living in the United States).

How To Install Your Replacement Lenses

Plastic Frame Lens Installation

Removing Your Old lenses

  1. Grab your frames and make sure they are facing away from you.
  2. While holding your frames firmly, press your thumb on the inside corner of the lens. This is the weak spot of the lens, so don’t feel afraid to use some pressure to pop the lenses out.

Installing Your New Lenses

  1. Hold your frames so that they are facing towards you
  2. Line the outside edge of the lens to the edge of your frame
  3. Press the lenses in, starting from the front nasal portion. Press your fingers all the way around to make sure they are secure, you should hear a popping noise.


Metal Frame Lens Installation

Removing Your Old Lenses

  1. Before you begin working, make sure you have an optical screwdriver. Then make sure you locate both of the screws on both sides of the temples.
  2. Start to loosen both of the screws without taking them out. This should be about three turns.
  3. Hold your frames facing away from you and apply pressure to the weak spot which is typically the back nasal corner of the lens.

Installing Your New Lenses

  1. With the frame facing towards you, line up the outside edge of your lens with the edge of your frame.
  2. Start by pressing the front nasal corner into place and work your way around until you lenses are secure.
  3. Using the optical screwdriver, tighten the screws on both sides of the temple.



  • Most manufacturer warranty only covers factory defects within two years of purchasing. While some sunglasses brands offer a lifetime warranty, like Costa Del Mar, this only protects against defects in materials or workmanship for a select number of their frames.
  • There are different methods to remove minor scratches on your sunglasses. However, these methods can actually cause more damage to your lenses by creating haze.
  • When you are buying replacement lenses you have two options: buying the replacement lenses from the band directly or purchasing them through a third party.
  • Whenever you buy direct, the replacement lenses offered are usually only the current styles, if that, and not the sunglasses that have been discontinued. The lenses can also be pretty expensive.
  • A third party, like Fuse, actually have a wide selection of replacement lenses. Even if they don’t have a style you are looking for, you can order custom lenses at Fuse Lenses. They also offer a one year, one-time replacement warranty or a one-time lifetime warranty, depending on the lenses you purchase, which includes coverage from scratches caused by accidents.
  • Replacing your lenses can be easy. You pop the old ones out, pop the new ones in and clean away any fingerprints and smudges left behind.

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