Common Misconceptions About Eye Health

Eye health is one of those topics that tends to have a lot of myths surrounding it. All these misconceptions have been spread around for years, and it can be hard to tell which ones are true and which aren’t. Today we’re clearing up 5 of the most common misconceptions about eye health. 


Eating carrots will improve your vision-

bunch of carrots

One of the most common misconceptions about eye health is the claim that carrots, and carrots alone, improve your eyesight. You’ve almost definitely heard this one, and at some point in your life you've almost definitely believed it. However, this isn’t true. This myth comes from the idea that a compound found in carrots called beta carotene improves eyesight, therefore carrots will make you see better. However, beta carotene is just what gives carrots their orange color, and has little to no link to eyesight. 


Sitting too close to the TV will make you go blind-

remote cut off

This one is common among parents trying to get their kids to watch less TV, and we're sorry to call them out, but this is a myth. Using any sort of screen for a long period of time will cause eye strain and fatigue, but that's about it. To prevent eye strain many people use blue light glasses, a special type of glasses manufactured to block out the harmful light emitted from electronics.


Wearing glasses makes your eyesight weaker-

glasses alligned in a row

Some people believe that consistently wearing glasses will weaken your eyesight, and can cause you to depend on your glasses. However, wearing glasses does not weaken your eyesight or make your eyes dependent on them. Glasses are prescribed to correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. They provide the necessary vision correction, allowing your eyes to focus correctly. In fact, not wearing the prescribed glasses when needed can lead to worsening of your eyesight.


Reading in the dark will damage your eyes-

book covering face

 Reading in dim light or in the dark may strain your eyes and cause temporary discomfort, but it won't permanently damage your eyesight. However, it’s definitely better to read in well lit areas since it reduces eye fatigue and makes reading easier. Bright lighting also allows your eyes to focus better, reduces  strain and prevents unnecessary squinting. So, while reading in dim light won't have long-term consequences, it's always better to choose a well lit environment. 


Eye exams are only necessary when you’re having vision problems-

eye exam equippment

In actuality, regular eye exams are vital for maintaining good eye health, whether you have vision problems or not. Eye exams can detect  eye conditions and diseases in their early stages when treatment is most effective. Eye exams also test the overall health of your eyes, detecting potential issues like glaucoma, cataracts, and even underlying conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. It is recommended to have an eye exam every 1-2 years, or as advised by your eye care professional.



  • Carrots do not actually improve eyesight. 
  •  Wearing glasses does not break down your eyesight overtime.
  • Reading in the dark may be difficult, but it does not damage your eyes.
  • Regular eye exams are always a good idea to make sure you can get ahead of any future eye problems.

There are a lot of misconceptions about eyesight, but it’s important to be able to distinguish truth from myth so you know exactly how to properly care for your eyes. 

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