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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, and the pressure to find the perfect costume is mounting. We get it; life gets busy, and sometimes the spooky season sneaks up on you. But fear not, we've got your back! We've all been in that last-minute costume scramble, and we're here to rescue you with quick, easy, and seriously cool costume ideas that are bound to leave an unforgettable impression.

Men In Black

Want a costume that’s out of this world but won’t have you rushing to find all the materials? Get ready to defend the galaxy with this quick and easy Men In Black costume. All you’ll want to grab is your favorite pair of dress pants, a white tee and suit jacket, a black tie, loafers, and your Fuse Egmonts (or just the darkest pair of sunglasses you own). If you really want to go all out, grab a silver pen and paint the top red for your very own neuralyzer. With this costume, you’re guaranteed to turn heads, and it won’t take you any more than 15 minutes. 


Believe it or not, dressing like you’re ready to conquer the seven seas isn’t that hard. You’ll want to find any black pair of pants, a white blouse, big boots, a pirate hat from your local halloween store, and a pair of sunglasses. To make this costume even cooler, you can pop out one of the lenses in your glasses to give an eye patch effect. With this quick and easy costume, you’ll have everyone thinking you’re the captain of the Black Pearl. 

Where's Waldo

Become the life of the party with this quick, easy, and creative Where’s Waldo costume. All you’ll want to find is Waldo's classic red and white striped shirt, a pair of blue jeans, brown sneakers, a red and white beanie, and your favorite pair of round sunglasses (we recommend Fuse’s sunset frames with clear lenses). This simple costume will be getting you compliments all night long, and nobody will have any idea you threw it together last minute. 

Marty Mcfly

What year is it? Embrace your inner time traveler with this quick and easy Marty Mcfly costume. Find yourself a white button up, jean jacket, retro sunglasses, a red puffer vest, white sneakers and a pair of blue jeans. Tuck in your shirt and slick back your hair and suddenly, you’re Marty Mcfly! Try not to alter the future though. 
Halloween doesn’t have to be stressful, sometimes the clothes in your closet can become your next go-to costume. So get creative, throw something together, and go out and enjoy your halloween.  

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