Oakley Holbrook Guide

For over a decade, the Holbrook has been an iconic Oakley model, and it’s a staple in their lifestyle line of sunglasses. But, you’ve probably noticed just how MANY variations there are, or you might be looking for a style that’s best for you. So, in this post we're breaking down the key Holbrook models, what's the difference, and how to tell what you have. 


What features do the Oakley Holbrooks have? 

First, each model is designed with a keyhole nose bridge, which helps distribute weight more EVENLY on the side of the nose INSTEAD of at the top. It’s a great bridge style for people with wide noses, or anyone who struggles with their glasses slipping down their face. And of course, it has its staple wide, square frame. By the way, if you’re wondering how they might look on you or if they’d be flattering on YOUR face, check out our video on how to find the best sunglasses for your face shape linked below.

All Holbrooks are also made with a bent temple, which  means the arms come pre-bent to help alleviate any tightness on the side of your head.

Plus, all Holbrooks have something called a three-point-fit system, which means they only touch your head in three places: the bridge of the nose, and behind each temple.

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Original Holbrook from Oakley

The Original Holbrook

The OG Holbrook, along with the shape, bridge style, and bent temple, the original is made with Oakley’s patented O-Matter material which is durable, flexible, and sweat-resistant. They don’t tell us their exact recipe (wink) but it’s a nylon plastic composite that’s used in a lot of Holbrook frames. It’s super lightweight and doesn’t crack over time, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them in a year or two. If you love durable frames just as much as we do, then give this video a thumbs up!

The original Holbrooks start at $212 and are available in fourteen different polarized and non-polarized lens tints, including their PRIZM color enhancing technology. Overall, they’re just a great staple for any lifestyle.

Holbrook Metal from Oakley

Holbrook Metal

You can probably guess from the name that the Holbrook Metal is… made out of metal! It’s a more contemporary twist on the original which instead  uses stainless steel to add style and durability. They’re also secured in place with patented Unobtanium interior stem pads, and the trademarked Hollowpoint hinges are designed without screws to make them more sleek and durable. They come in two different colors: gunmetal and matte black, and they have a grooved lens meaning that there’s no frame touching the bottom or top of the lenses.

Since they’re metal, they’re more slippery and sensitive to sweat, so we don’t recommend them for high-intensity activities or anything other than normal daily wear. Another thing to note about metal frames is that they’re more susceptible to damage from water and salt water, so you might wanna leave them at home when you go to the beach.

Holbrook Mix from Oakley

Holbrook Mix

The Holbrook Mix is… you guessed it… a mix! It combines the original and Metal models by using stainless steel temples, with an O-Matter frame. They come in two colors: woodgrain and steel, and the mashup of original and modern gives it a really unique look.

Holbrook XL from Oakley

Holbrook XL

This next remix is the Holbrook XL, which is designed for people with larger heads or wider faces. It has the same design as the classic, but it’s scaled up a bit. The frames come in matte and polished black, black crystal, grey smoke, matte brown tortoise, woodgrain, and polished clear, so tons of options there.

Holbrook XS from Oakley

Holbrook XS

Then, of course, there’s the Holbrook XS, because you can’t have a bigger version without a smaller version too! It’s specifically designed for kids, but it works for anyone with a smaller head who doesn’t wanna be swimming in their sunglasses. They come in matte black, plus two unique color options: matte grey ink and polished navy.

Holbrook Rx from Oakley

Holbrook Rx

Finally, the Holbrook Rx meets the demand for prescription-wearers who love Holbrook frames.

The color options for the Rx frames are really unique. There’s satin black, brown, and grey smoke; matte brown tortoise shell; polished clear; and polished black-to-clear fade. They also offer prescription blue light gaming lenses! The lenses are offered in 54, 56, and 57 mm options, but fair warning, not every size is available in each color option.

How do I know what Oakley Holbrooks I have? 

If you don't have all the Holbrook versions in your hands, it can be a bit intimidating to figure out what style Holbrooks you own. Not to worry - it's super easy to figure out your model! 

The secret is... the temple. On the inside temple of each Holbrook model there will be either a model number (typically starting with "OO") or a model name that you can pop into Google to figure out which Holbrook you have! Can't figure it out? Here at Fuse, our customer service team are basically experts at Oakley identification - just send us a few pics! 

Hands holding up Oakley Sunglasses with a lens out

What if you scratch your Oakley Holbrook sunglasses? 

Overall, Holbrooks are extremely sturdy, high-quality frames. But if the lenses get scratched, or you want different lenses for them - that’s where Fuse Lenses comes in! You can customize affordable replacement lenses for any Oakley Holbrook model (even ones that have been discontinued like Holbrook R and LX!)

You may already know that Oakley offers replacement lenses for their current Holbrook models. However, you may also know that Oakley's replacement lenses start around $75. 

At Fuse Lenses, replacement lenses for Oakley start at just $24.99. Not only are there polarized, mirrored, and even prescription available, but also we have Fuse AMP Color Enhancing lenses have a similar technology to Oakley's Prizm lenses! You can learn more about color enhancing technology here (It's really cool). 

Love your Holbrooks? Let us know! It's an iconic shape from Oakley, and we're proud to help keep so many Holbrooks alive year after year with brand new sunglass lenses. 


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