Should You Still Be Wearing Your Sunglasses During Winter?

We know what you're thinking – fall and winter are on the way, and it’s finally time for  those sunglasses to take a well-deserved vacation, right? Not so fast! We're here to tell you that your shades are a year-round essential, even when the days get shorter and the air gets cooler.


UV rays never take a break

First things first –UV rays don't punch out for a vacation when summer ends. They're still out and about, and can be even more harmful in the cooler months. Snow, for example, can reflect up to 80% of UV radiation, so if you're planning some winter fun on the slopes, don't leave your sunglasses behind. Protecting your eyes is an all-season job


Say Goodbye to Glare

The sun may sit lower in the sky during fall and winter, which means more opportunities for glare. Whether it's from the reflection off a frozen lake, the wet road after a rain shower, or even the bright snow, it can seriously mess with your vision. Sunglasses with anti-glare or polarized lenses are your best friends for these situations, reducing eye strain and helping you see clearly.

Shield Your Eyes from the Elements

Autumn and winter often bring unpredictable weather. Fast winds, rain, and snow can all be a hassle for your eyes. Sunglasses act as a protective shield, keeping your vision safe from not just UV rays but also wind,and debris. Plus, they add an extra layer of warmth and comfort on chilly days.


Fashion Forward, No Matter the Season

Let's not forget the style factor. Sunglasses are a versatile accessory that can elevate your look year-round. Whether you're rocking a cozy sweater or bundling up in a winter jacket, your shades are the finishing touch that says, "I've got this."


So, don't be too quick to stow away your sunglasses when the seasons change. Keep them handy for those brisk fall strolls and frosty winter mornings. Your eyes will thank you for it, and you'll look cool doing it!

Ready to upgrade your eyewear game for the fall and winter?

Check out our wide range of sunglasses and replacement lenses, and keep your eyes happy and stylish all year long.


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