The BEST Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing under $50 and under $100

Fishing gear can get expensive, but your fishing sunglasses don’t have to be! If you’ve been looking for a great pair of shades for your next outing that don’t break the bank, stay tuned! We're bringing you THE guide to the best fishing shades under a hundred bucks, and some that are even under FIFTY.

Why are polarized lenses good for fishing? 

If you're a seasoned fisherman, you probably know that polarized lenses are necessary for blocking out glare on the water. Glare is that blinding reflected light on the surface of the water that doesn't allow you to see in. With polarized lenses, you can see through the water and catch more fish! 

Plus, polarized lenses have a lot of other great benefits including less eye fatigue and clearer vision! Plus, like we just said, this all equals catching more fish - so I'm sure we don't have to convince you. 

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Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses Under $100

Pelagic Sunglasses photo from Instagram

Pelagic Fishing Gear

 At $99, Pelagic has super cool frame options in their Mack, Fish Taco, Pursuit, East Cape, and Shark Bite models. Many of their models even have super unique patterns.

Most models come with polycarbonate polarized lenses, and only some of Pelagic’s frames offer their trademarked Polarized Mineral Glass lenses. 

Their Mineral Glass sunglasses are nearly double the cost of their polarized polycarbonate lenses, sitting pretty at $179, so if you wanna stay under a hundred bucks, make sure to stick with standard polycarbonate polarized lenses.

Shady Rays Deep Sea Manta

Deep Sea Manta by Shady Rays

 They’re a standard square frame that come in Black, Tortoise, and Smoke, which you can customize with different polarized lenses. For example their black frames have the option of Emerald, Blackout, and Glacier lenses. Their Tortoise frame also offers Amber lenses, and Smoke has matching Smoke lenses. All of them are polarized, and all of them are 98 bucks!

Rheos Gear photo from Instagram

Rheos Nautical Eyewear

Another great brand is Rheos Nautical Eyewear, they have a variety of sunglasses that– get this– FLOAT in the water! All of them are resistant to saltwater damage too, and all of them are only 65 to 78 dollars.

Rheos sells a lot of fashion sunglasses too, but for fishing, our picks are the Rheos Eddies and the Coopers. The Eddies are a standard square frame, while the Coopers have a keyhole bridge that distributes weight more evenly on the face, and they even offer a narrow version for smaller faces. All of their frames have different polarized lens options, and did I mention that they float? Yeah, I guess I did.

Fuse Egmont Fishing

Fuse Sunglasses

Now for a little shameless plug: at Fuse Lenses, we have a line of sports shades called the Anclote. They come in three different colors, but our favorite is the aptly named “Sand”. Ya know, cause… the beach? Sand? Fishing? Ha.

Our Anclote frames are designed with rubberized nose pads and inner arm grips, plus flexible hinges that bounce back. That means they can fit perfectly to anyone’s face, and hold up to a long day of fishing and sweating out in the sun. Anclote starts at only 54 dollars, and you can customize them with any of our 20 plus lens options.

Next we have the Fuse Egmont and Egmont XL, which are also made with rubberized nose pads that stand up to sweat and endure long days out on the water. They’re one of our most popular sport options, but have a classic feel that makes them great for everyday wear at the same time. They come in matte and gloss black, black with a thin red line, and matte black tortoise fade. No sand, but we still love ‘em.

If you buy any Fuse frames, you can customize your lenses with 24 different options, from polarized, to mirrored, prescription, and even color-enhancing lenses. 

One of the most popular ways to customize Fuse shades for fishing is by adding our new Fuse AMP color enhancing AND polarized lenses that come in four different colors. AMP Grey and AMP Carbon are both perfect for offshore fishing, while AMP Brown is the ideal match for inshore fishing.

Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses under $50

Peppers Eyeware

Peppers Eyeware

JUST squeezing into the “under $50” range are the Mermaid, Beachcomber, and Cutthroat polarized sunglasses by Peppers. They start at 49.99 and all have different polarized lens colors across all of the styles. For example their Mermaid line has fun polarized lens colors like pink, purple, and blue, while the Cutthroat comes in some more *cutthroat* (I guess?) lens colors like black, brown, green, and smoke. Cutthroat also offers a wider range of frame designs, like green and grey stripes and tortoise shell. Bonus point: their sunglasses float, too.

Fuse 3 Rooker Cosmic Purple Lenses on the beach

Fuse Sunglasses (again)

We promise we're not recommending our shades lightly, but starting at just $45 for the polarized Fuse 3 Rooker, we think has what it takes to come with you on all your fishing trips! 

They have a keyhole bridge similar to the Rheos Coopers, which means a more comfortable all-day fit. They come in black, tortoise, and clear, and are customizable with all of the lens options I mentioned before.

Upgrade your Eyewear for Fishing

If you already have a pair of frames you love, but the lenses just aren't up to par - Fuse has your back! (And your eyes.) No matter which brand you buy, Fuse offers additional lens options and lens replacements so you don’t need to spend extra money upgrading if you don’t want to. 

One of the downfalls of the other brands I mentioned is that they don’t do prescription or replacement lenses. So let’s say you do a lot of inshore fishing, and the Fuse AMP Glacier lens sounds good to you, BUT you want a cool fish scale design from Pelagic. Just order replacement lenses from Fuse for your Pelagic shades, and you get the best of both worlds. 

What are you wearing on your next fishing trip? Let us know! 

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