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The Worst Things About the Outdoors

Today is Earth Day. Earth Day was created to bring awareness to environmental consciousness and conservation and has actually been around for 50 years this year! But, why would we want to celebrate the Earth? Here are five of the worst things about the great outdoors.

#1 Bugs

There’s mosquitos, beetles, spiders, ticks, and just general creepy-crawlies when you go outside. I know each one of those probably plays an important part in the ecosystem, but why do they have to be so annoying? 

Woman's hands holding butterfly during dusk
I wasn't exactly thinking butterflies when I talk about all the bugs I hate. But if you've ever held a butterfly, it's definitely weirder than it looks.
Photo by Reign Abarintos

#2 The Humidity

I know this isn’t a problem everywhere, but if you’ve ever been to Florida you definitely know what I’m talking about. I think I read somewhere that the best way to experience Florida’s humidity is to start your dryer with a full load of wet laundry and then after it gets nice and steamy in there, just open it up and stick your head in.

#3 Dirt/Sand

Did you ever stop to think about how much dirt is outside? There’s a lot. Plus, if you’re coming back from the beach, or sweaty from some outdoor work - it sticks to you. Is there a worse feeling than that? 


Man at beach squinting into the sun
The infamous squinting at the sun stance, captured perfectly.
Photo by Vision Pic

#4 The Sun

Sometimes the sun is just too bright. We've all experienced this: you’re outside, you’re feeling good, and then suddenly you’re squinting into a sunbeam that you can’t seem to escape. (Good thing this one is pretty solve-able with a pair of Fuse Lenses)

#5 No Wifi

Have you ever been outside? After a certain point, your wifi doesn’t even work anymore. After that, I’m just eating through data on my phone plan. Honestly, it’s pretty inconvenient. 

Blue kayak facing sun during golden hour
We're lying. Nature is beautiful.
Photo by McKayla Crump

Obviously, we’re kidding. 

Even though Mother Nature can make you… uncomfortable at times, there are so many gifts that nature gives us. Whether it's amazing sights, new experiences to try, or a simpler time spent with our loved ones; you just feel better when you’re outside breathing in fresh air. Plus, being outdoors has so many benefits. So, this Earth Day - go outside and appreciate what the Earth gives us (and maybe pick up some trash while you’re out there).

What is your favorite part about the outdoors?


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