Top Affordable Sunglasses Brands

Keeping up with the up and coming brands can be a challenge. There’s always a new style or new brand that people think you should be aware of. If you’ve ever been a victim of a friend saying “You’ve never heard of them??”, then we have the perfect list for you. Not only are we going to tell you where to find the trendiest and most unique sunglasses on the market, but they’re also some of the most affordable. To find out all of the top affordable sunglasses brands currently trending right now, just keep reading. 

Pit Vipers Worldwide

This fun and funky brand started with one mission: to make sunglasses that can take a beating. Founded in 2012 by owner Chuck Mumford, this brand’s goal is to make durable glasses that are cool, on-trend, and meant to fit an extreme lifestyle. This brand prides itself on not taking themselves too seriously and that definitely shows through on their website. These glasses are military grade, solar protected, and have three adjustment points to achieve the perfect fit. While they’re not as affordable as gas station sunglasses, they certainly beat out designer prices. These glasses will run you about $99 a pair. 


multi colored shield/one-piece style sunglasses
Photo from PitViperSunglasses.com

Blenders Eyewear

This brand started off in an unlikely way. Owner, Chase Fisher, went to a nightclub in neon green “beater” sunglasses and received overwhelmingly positive feedback on them. With this, he realized that there were not many sunglass options that were affordable and fun. This is when Blenders Eyewear was born. Blenders’ mission is to create a mid-priced eyewear option that is also high quality and follows the fun and fresh trends of the moment. These sunglasses cost about $50 a pair.


multi colored one-piece sunglasses
Photo from blenderseyewear.com

Heat Wave Sunglasses 

Heat Wave Sunglasses, originally known as Party Shades Co., started off in 2012 as an eyewear option where you could purchase glasses that are original, affordable and fully customizable. Since then, Heat Wave Visual has blossomed into a company where you can receive sunglasses like no other. Whether you want to fully customize your eyewear or buy glasses featuring original artwork and designs, Heat Wave Visual is the place to look. No matter what, when shopping at Heat Wave, you know that your glasses, top to bottom, are coming straight from the creators. A pair of these sunglasses will cost anywhere from about $35 to $95. 


multi colored one-piece sunglasses
Photo from heatwavevisual.com

Dezi Eyewear

Dezi Eyewear, created by YouTuber Desi Perkins, was built on two main principles: creativity and confidence. It is the mission of this brand to create eyewear that is unique, affordable and built from the ground up. Desi Perkins wanted this brand to reflect on her personal and professional experiences, showing her intense life roadblocks to the adventurous world traveling she has done. She wants to show that the best products come from instinct and life training, and this definitely shows in the originality and style of her products. These shades will run you anywhere from $65 to $85.


black square shaped sunglasses
Photo from Dezi.co

Origi Sunglasses

Origi, named after the word original, is set out on one mission and one mission only: to build life-long customer relationships. Origi believes that your appearance is what makes the biggest first impression, so why not leave a lasting one. By having the most original and trendy sunglasses, your impression will be unique and you will be remembered. Origi set out to make sunglasses that are trendy, original and affordable for anyone and everyone to make a lasting impression. These sunglasses will cost you about $30 to $60.


purple square shaped translucent sunglasses
Photo from origi-sunglasses.com

Quay Australia

Quay Australia started as a roadside business following the Australian festival circuit. It was their goal to appeal to the bold style and unfiltered self-expression of the artists and festival goers. From there, Quay was born and became a company in which people could purchase shades that are affordable and can make you stand out in a crowd. It is Quay’s mission to help you find your style and stay on-trend without breaking the bank. These shades start at just $55.

large black square shaped sunglasses
Photo from QuayAustralia.com

Diff Eyewear

Diff Eyewear is a company on a mission to use fashion as a force for good. Since 2015, Diff has donated over 1,500,000 pairs of reading glasses around the world to those in need. As a socially conscious and charitable brand, Diff strives to be the company you choose to find your perfect pair of glasses. Their brand is affordable, trendy and always someone you can trust to support social causes, if that is something you look for in a brand. They pride themselves on being high quality without the hidden costs of other designer eyewear. Their sunglasses start at about $89 a pair. 


woman wearing brown square shaped sunglasses
Photo from diffeyewear.com

Fuse Lenses

Saving the best for last, Fuse Lenses has set out on a mission to create sunglasses that are more than just sunglasses. Fuse has created eyewear to help promote a lifestyle of action, adventure, and passion for the outdoors. While Fuse creates affordable and trendy options for eyewear, it is so much more than just that. At Fuse Lenses, we’re known for our lens quality, so we aim to provide the highest quality lenses in the highest quality frames at a fraction of designer prices. Not to mention, each of our frames are fully customizable with Fuse’s 20+ lens color options AND include a lifetime, one-time frame replacement warranty. Not only do we want to be your go-to when searching for frames, but we also want to be your ally in all of your everyday adventures. Fuse Sunglasses start at just $19.99. 


black colored sport style sunglasses
Fuse Lenses Most Requested Frame: The Egmont



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