What Color Lenses Look Best With Which Frames?

Fuse Lenses has over 20+ lens options and colors to choose from. With all those different colors lenses as options, picking the best ones can be overwhelming. But, we’re here to help. If you have questions on which ones you should get, or which lenses “match” with your frames, you’ve come to the right place!

Color Theory

Before we jump into the frames, let’s take a look at the basics of color theory. Color can be separated into three major categories, warm colors, cool colors, and neutral. Neutral colors include black, white and grey. Warm colors consist of orange, red, yellow, and combinations of these and similar colors. Warm colors tend to resemble heat and sunlight. Cool colors are blue, green, and light purple. These colors usually bring to mind things like the water, the sky, and icy temperatures.

As a general rule of thumb, when picking out your lenses, we’ll tend to suggest matching cool frames with cool lenses, and warm frames with warm lenses. This ensures that your lens color won’t clash with your frame! However, there can be some exceptions, like in the case of wanting to contrast with your frames. Keep reading below to see our specific color suggestions for different color frames.

Tortoise Frames

A tortoise frame has a speckled look that resembles the look of a real turtle’s shell - hence the name, tortoise! The classic color of a tortoise frame tends to be a mottled yellow, brown and honey color. However, more modern tortoise colors include specs of pink, white, black, blue, green and so on. The overall pattern stays the same.

For standard tortoise frames, we recommend Brown, Bronze, Brown Gradient, Nova, and Cascade. The browns, golds, and reds complement the earth tones of the tortoise colorway.

Brown tortoise with a brown lens to match
For this classic tortoise frame, try our Brown lenses.

Gold Frames

Gold frames are a timeless classic and are still very popular today! You’ll often see gold frames in wire styles, for example, aviators or clubmaster frames. Gold is a warm tone color and other warm colors tend to look best with them. For these frames, we recommend the lenses Brown, Bronze, Brown Gradient, Nova, and Cascade.

Gold wire frames with a bronze lenses hanging from a fence with a harbor in the background.
For these gold wired frames, try the Bronze lenses.

Silver Frames

Silver frames are another popular color of wired frames. However, unlike gold, silver is a cool tone color. This means that you can other cool tone colors for the lenses often looks good. This includes some lenses like Sapphire and Glacier. The lighter greys, like our Chrome, Carbon, and Grey lenses, compliment cool tones really well.

Silver frames with our Carbon, dark grey lenses. The Fuse Lenses logo located in the bottom.
This silver frame looks good with our Carbon lenses.

Black Frames

Black frames are a timeless classic and a majority of frames today are available in black! Black is a versatile color and pretty much any color lens would look good with a black frame. You can wear colors like our Rose Gold, Cascade, Glacier, Sapphire, Chrome, and Grey. These colors contrast with the black, which make the lenses stand out.

Black Fuse 3 Rocker frames with Rose Gold lenses in a rocky mountain setting.
If you have black frames, try our Rose Gold lenses for a pop of color.

Brown Frames

Like the tortoise and gold wire frame, the brown frame is a warm tone. You can’t go wrong by sticking to the warmer lenses. This means Brown, Bronze, Brown Gradient, Nova, or Cascade lenses. 

Blonde Female with bracelets wearing Brown Sunglass Frames with Fuse Lenses Bronze Polarized Lenses
Bronze Fuse Lenses compliment brown frames and can make for a fashionable look.

White/Clear Frames

If you have white or clear frames, you’re lucky because every color will look good with them! You can try going off of what outfit you’re going to wear with them, or how flashy you feel in your frames. It definitely depends on personal preference and what color lenses you feel like wearing.

Clear glasses frame with a clear blue light lenses, which blocks a percentage of blue light.
White and clear frames a very versatile. You can try the blue light lenses with some clear frames to protect your eyes from blue light.

Blue Frames

For frames that are entirely blue, or for frames that have blue accents, you can try out our blue lens options. This looks best when the blue lenses are a little darker or lighter than your shades. Check out our Glacier and Midnight lenses. The Chrome, Grey, Carbon, Grey Gradient and Clear are also good choices for blue frames.

Gradient Blue Sunglasses with Fuse Lenses Glacier Blue Mirror Lenses, on a wooden background.
Glacier Blue lenses on a blue frame can make for a fun, bold look!


Red Frames

Red is considered to be a warm tone. However, some red frames can make a statement all on its own. A suggestion might be to keep the lens color neutral. In this case, any of the greys will be a good choice for your red frames. This includes Chrome, Grey, Carbon, and Grey Gradient. Clear would also be a good choice for this frame.

If you have a frame with red accents, we suggest going with our Nova or Cascade lenses. Matching the lens color to the accents on your frames can make for a great pop of color!

Women with long blond hair smiling while wearing red sunglasses with grey gradient lenses
Grey Gradient lenses pair well with red frames.

Pink Frames

Depending on the shade of pink you have, it can be very trendy to rock the millennial pink vibe and try the Rose Gold lenses in your shades. If not, Chrome, Grey, Carbon, and Grey Gradient are recommended. Clear is also another good option.

If you have a frame with pink accents, we suggest going with our Nova, Cosmic or Rose Gold lenses. Having your lens color complement the accents on your frames can make for a fun look.

Rose gold frames with Fuse Lenses Cosmic lenses, a purple mirror.
If you're feeling adventurous, try Cosmic with a rose frame. The purples in the lenses pair well with the pinks in the frames.

Green Frames

Green is considered to be a cool color. Depending on how vibrant your green is, it might be best to pair it with a more neutral color like Chrome, Grey, Grey Gradient or Carbon.

If your frames have a green accent, it might be a fun idea to Sapphire or G15 lenses so that the green accent matches the color of your lenses.

Women with black hair smiling while wearing black and green sunglasses with dark grey lenses.
This frame with an olive green accent looks good with our Grey lenses.


A general piece of advice is to keep all the earth tone colors with warmer lenses. The cools colors and black frames would look best with grey or cool tones lenses. This coincides with typical color theory and will ensure your lenses won’t clash with your frames.

However, all of these are just recommendations and entirely up to your opinion, style, and preference! In fact, with all of the different lenses that we offer here at Fuse Lenses, we suggest you try out a variety! Don’t be afraid to switch things up, and experiment with fun color combinations - if you’re feeling it. If you just have a single go-to lens color, that’s okay too! As long as you love them, then other’s opinions don’t really matter. Check out our full selection of replacement lenses in 20+ colors and lens options today and see which ones you want to try out first!

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