Why You Should Replace Your Lenses

Sunglasses are an essential, but not always treated as one. Your sunglasses go through a lot: outdoor adventures, days on the water, or just being thrown in a bag and tossed around. Through all of this, your shades might get a little worn down and you may be in the market to replace them, but, replacing your entire pair of sunglasses can get pricey. If your frames are still in-tact, why buy a whole new pair when you can simply replace the lenses? Replacing your lenses may seem tricky, but it’s actually quite simple and very important to do so. Making sure you have new lenses every so often is actually very pertinent to your eye health and offers a wide variety of benefits to the user. Continue reading to find out all the reasons it is so important to replace those lenses in your favorite pair of sunglasses.

Why Replace Your Lenses?

Eye Health

First and foremost, the most important reason you should be replacing your lenses is because even the most durable and high-quality lenses decline in UV protection over time. Sunglasses main purpose is to protect your eyes from the sun and once the UV efficacy has decreased in the lenses, there is no way to restore that protection besides replacing the lenses. The protective coating on your lenses wears down over time from day-to-day use, whether it’s a small scratch from your nail or that one time you dropped your glasses on the concrete. This protective coating gets worn down from all of the little things that happen to your shades. In addition to physical wear and tear, the natural environment has an effect on your lenses as well. The protective coating on your lenses can’t absorb UV radiation forever and it happens that the more UV rays the coating is subjected to, the faster it will wear off. The longer and more often you stay outside, the quicker the coating will degrade. Because of these things, you should change your lenses semi-frequently because once that coating wears off, your glasses begin to let in harmful light. 

Help the Environment

By reusing your frames, you’re actually helping the environment! While your old lenses are unfortunately not recyclable, by saving your frames, you’re saving the amount of plastic that gets thrown into landfills and the ocean. Replacing your lenses reduces the amount of plastic that gets thrown away and in turn, reduces the harmful impact that upgrading your sunglasses has on the environment. 

woman in white dress carrying plastic from a landfill
Replacing your lenses can positively impact the environment by reducing the amount of plastic found in landfills.

Saving Money

Not only does replacing your lenses help your eyes and the environment, it also helps your wallet. Designer sunglasses can reach into the triple digits which is not practical when it comes to replacing your shades. Replacing just the lenses rather than the whole frame is definitely more feasible and will save you some coin. At Fuse Lenses, you can replace those lenses for as little as $19.99, which beats that designer price tag by a long shot. Stop replacing your frames and start replacing your lenses - your wallet will thank you.

man in red shirt holding twenty dollar bills
Replacing your lenses can save you a ton of money compared to that designer price tag.

Feel Accomplished

You can feel good about replacing your lenses because you can do it all on your own. Replacing your lenses seems like a tricky task, but it’s as easy as popping the old ones out and the new ones in. You’ll feel like a DIY master after replacing your lenses because it’s super easy and you didn’t have to take them anywhere to get them replaced.
You’ll also be the coolest in your group when you let friends know about replacing their lenses! You can actually earn money towards another set or new frames when you tell your friends about Fuse and how easy it is to replace your lenses at home. Right now, you can earn up to $10 in referral credit when you spread the word about Fuse. Doing it yourself and earning money while doing it is surely going to make you feel good.

woman holding rose gold pair of aviator sunglasses with one lens popped out
Changing your lenses can be done at home and as easy as 1, 2, 3.

How often should you replace your lenses?

The answer to this question is going to vary from person to person, as each individual’s time spent in the sun is drastically different. However, a 2016 study from a group of Brazilian scientists states that sunglasses should be replaced every two years with two hours of daily use. Although, if you spend a lot of time outside whether you’re snowboarding, skating, golfing, or any other type of outdoor activity, it is recommended that you replace your lenses more frequently because the protective coating will begin to decline in efficacy quicker. When in doubt, you can bring your glasses into just about any sunglass retailer to ask about the UV protection on your sunglasses and if they are still viable. 


Whether you get a scratch, a crack, or the coating on your lenses start to wear down, don’t replace the whole pair, just replace the lenses. Replacing your lenses is easier and friendlier to your wallet. Above all, replacing your lenses frequently saves your eyes from all the possible dangers of the sun. Keeping your eyes protected is the most important part of wearing sunglasses, so if you’re not replacing your lenses at least every two years, your shades are practically useless. At Fuse Lenses, we’re your partner in keeping your eyes safe and your sunglasses stylish. For as low as $19.99, we provide replacement lenses to all your favorite frames that keep you protected and looking good.


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  • Polarization is within the lenses! Typically what you are “wiping off” most often of a defective lens is a mirror color coating. If you ever come across that with our lenses, reach out for a replacement asap! support.fuselenses.com

    Fuse Lenses
  • Is the polarization within the lenses or will it wipe off when you clean them?

    Barbara Johnson Sanders
  • You can send in your frames! We offer a concierge program for an additional $20 that covers shipping and processing for US residents. You can check that out at https://www.fuselenses.com/custom

    Fuse Lenses
  • May I mail my glasses to you and have you replace the lenses. I understand there may be an additional charge.

    Eugene Trochinski

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