Are Prescription Glasses Worth It?



Let’s talk about something that everyone's heard of, and most people use daily: prescription glasses. Now, we know that finding out you need prescription glasses can be a huge blow. They’re expensive, can be hard to get, and give you yet another thing to remember to bring every time you leave the house. Sometimes, just not getting a pair seems like the easiest option. But despite all the myths and circulations about the usefulness of prescription, investing in a pair of prescription glasses is definitely worth it in the long haul, let us tell you why.


Common Myths

First off, let’s debunk some common myths about prescription glasses. You may have heard some people say that prescription glasses are unnecessary, uncomfortable, or out of style, but that isn't always the case


 "Prescription glasses are only for older people.” Nope! People of all ages can benefit from them, and actually, 40% of glasses wearers are made up of 20-29 year olds. Whether you’re a bookworm with blurry vision, a restaurateur tired of having to ask somebody to read you the menu, or just someone who enjoys seeing the world in focus, prescription glasses are a game-changer, no matter the age. 


"Prescription glasses are uncomfortable and make you look nerdy." Wrong again! With advancements in lens technology and stylish frame designs, you can find a pair that not only fits like a dream but also makes you feel like a million bucks. 


“I don’t actually need prescription glasses; I can improve my eyesight myself.” There are tons of myths surrounding at home eye improvement, but unfortunately, most of these DIY’s don’t actually work. From eating carrots to sitting far away from the TV, there isn’t anything you can do to improve your vision at home. Prescription glasses use light refraction to perfect your vision, and if your eye doctor recommends them, the best idea is to get yourself a pair. You could also spring for contact lenses instead, but ignoring your eyes needs is never a good idea.  


Benefits Of Prescription

Now, onto the benefits of prescription glasses. There are many benefits when it comes to prescription glasses and sunglasses, not just the improvement of vision.


Improvement of Vision: First and foremost, they improve your vision. duh, right? But seriously, being able to see clearly is invaluable. Say goodbye to squinting and constantly asking, "Wait, what does that sign say?" With the right prescription lenses, the world becomes crystal clear.  


Reduce Headaches: Besides the obvious clear vision effect of prescription glasses, they can also reduce headaches and eyestrain. Constantly squinting tenses your head muscles and can result in painful headaches and eye strain, but when equipped with the right prescription, squinting won't be necessary.


Eye Protection: One benefit of prescription glasses that isn’t talked about much is the general protection they give your eyes. Any pair of glasses, whether it be everyday prescription or classic sunglasses, act as a shield between the world and your eyes, protecting them from dirt, bugs, and debris. Without a pair of glasses, who knows what’s getting into your eyes while you go about your day. 


How Do Prescription Glasses Help Me See? 


But how do prescription lenses actually work their magic? Well, it’s all about correcting refractive errors in your eyes. When light enters your eye, it should focus perfectly on your retina, creating a clear image. But sometimes, due to factors like the shape of your eyeball or the curvature of your cornea, light gets all wonky and misses the mark. That’s where prescription lenses swoop in to save the day. By adjusting the way light bends as it enters your eye, these lenses ensure that it lands right where it’s supposed to, resulting in sharp, crisp vision. It’s like having a personal assistant for your eyeballs – pretty cool, huh?


Prescription Glasses Vs. Prescription Sunglasses 

A lot of people choose to opt out on wearing their regular prescription glasses when faced with the option of sunglasses, but what if you could put prescription in your sunglasses? Well, you actually can. Prescription sunglasses come in handy when driving, walking around town, or even sitting out by the beach, since regular prescription glasses don’t offer any UV protection. It can be hard to find glass sunglass lenses, and the price point is often higher than regular glasses, but if you’re an avid outdoorsman with a lens prescription, prescription sunglasses will provide a lot more convenience and protection than your everyday glasses.


So, Where Can I Get Good Glasses?


We get it, not everybody wants to have to go out and hunt down the perfect pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses, it just isn't very practical. But thanks to today's technology, you don’t have to! Ordering prescription lenses and sunglasses online has never been easier thanks to companies like EyeBuy, Warby Parker, and Fuse Lenses. Now, instead of having to go in person to find glasses, you can simply input some of your prescription info and find your new favorite pair of glasses in less than 30 minutes. If you want to learn more or start ordering, you can check out our blog about how to order prescription online. If you want to start the ordering journey, you can visit our prescription page!


So, there you have it, the breakdown on why prescription glasses are totally worth it. From banishing blurry vision to rocking your own unique style, the benefits speak for themselves. So why wait? Head on over to Fuse Lenses and treat yourself to a pair that’ll have you seeing the world in a whole new light. Trust me, your eyes will thank you later!  



  • Prescription sunglasses are for people of all ages
  • Prescription glasses don't always have to be uncomortable
  • Prescription glasses heavily help with eyesight
  • Prescription glasses work by reflection light off of your retna in a certain way that your eye cannot do itself.
  • You can order prescription online with Fuse Lenses.

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