Best Sunglasses and Lenses for Snow Sports

Winter is in full swing and for those of you who love your snow sports but find that you could use more protection for your eyes, Fuse Lenses is here to help! In this post, we will take a closer look at the best sunglasses and lenses for all your snow sporting festivities this winter!   

Man and woman laying down with sunglasses in snow
Hit the slopes in style this winter!

Why Are Your Eyes More Sensitive In The Snow?

Have you noticed that your eyes are more sensitive to light when there’s snow on the ground?  

The reason for this is during the bright daytime light while you’re doing your favorite snow activities, the reflections from the sun and sky off the snow tends to be too bright for the human eye to fully adjust to. This is true even on an overcast day and exposure to the reflection overtime can be quite painful and can potentially develop into what’s called ‘Snow Blindness’, which usually only lasts for about 48 hours, but includes some pretty terrible side effects. When your eyes are exposed to too much UV light, the outer layer of the eye known as the ‘Cornea’ is affected in a way like that of a sunburn. This means headaches, pain and potentially even blindness, none of which are fun! Click here if you’d like to learn more about the potential damages light can have on your eyes.  


Cascade Orange Sunglasses being held by man in snow
Protect your eyes from snow blindness.


Lens Colors For Snow Activities 

So, you may be asking yourself, “How do I make sure I’m using the best possible shield to protect my eyes?” and we are so glad you asked! As it turns out, different lighting conditions call for different lens colors. Here at Fuse Lenses, we’ve got you covered with our variety of lens colors that will satisfy all your snowy conditions! 


Man holding up Glacier Lenses with hands
Fuse Lenses offers 20+ lens colors and options.


Best Lenses For Bright Conditions 

For bright sunny days with higher snow reflection, you’ll want to opt for our Glacier polarized lenses. They contain a grey base tint and a blue mirror coating, so it tones down outdoor brightness while also deflecting the harsh glare away from your eyes. Our polarized lenses increase color contrast and saturation, which makes it easier to see shadows, crevices and even ice patches. Click here to check out our post discussing how polarization works! 


Blue light lenses in tortoise lido fuse frames.
Prevent eye strain with our blue light lenses!



Best Lenses For Nighttime  

Say it’s nighttime though, and you don’t really have to worry about snow reflections. Even in the darkest conditions, you still need protection against the wind and cold! In this case, you’ll want a clear lens color to protect your eyes from wind and snow, while still having nighttime visibility. Our clear lenses also have ion-protected clear coatings that help deflect light from any car or ATV headlights without compromising your night vision.  


Yellow lens glasses beside a cup of coffee sitting on top of a table
Protect your eyes from the fog!


Best Lenses For Foggy Conditions 

If you tend to do your snow activities during foggy or low to mid-light conditions, this calls for yellow lenses which will help emphasize shadows and heighten contrast. These colored lenses make it much easier to see icy spots, uneven ground and drop-offs which is super helpful when trying to stay safe in poor weather conditions. You can even add the polarization feature to your yellow lenses to help block out glares as well! 


Woman wearing Photochromic lenses laying against a wall.
Tone down even the brightest days with our photochromic lenses!


Best Multi-Purpose Lenses  

Or let’s say you’re someone who spends time in the snow from dawn to dusk, in this case you should opt for photochromic lenses. These type of lenses use light-sensing technology to transition from light to dark, depending on where you may be. These lenses become more transparent in low-light and darken when the sun is at its brightest point on any given day. Pretty useful stuff!  


If you can’t decide on just one listed and you’d like to be able to switch out your lenses for different snow activities or even if your old lenses get scratched or broken on the slopes, click here to check out our tutorial where we instruct how to replace the lenses in your sunglasses frames! 


Why Wear Glasses Instead Of Goggles? 

We know what you may be thinking, “Okay, it’s nice to know the kind of lenses I should be wearing during my snow activities, but why not just use a pair of standard goggles instead?” and we’re glad you asked! Fuse has the perfect frame for your snow sports that can be even more comfortable and customizable, contrary to any Ol’ pair of goggles.  


Sunglasses centered in frame of white background.
Swap out your old snow goggles for our stylish and comfortable Anclote frames!



Our Anclote frames can include any of the lens colors mentioned and they provide snow goggle-level comfort! Instead of having to choose just one, many skiers and snowboarders hit the slopes armed with both goggles and sunglasses so they can always switch it up should the weather or light conditions change. The Anclote style frame is the best option for the sunglasses you bring, since it’s made of a super flexible and sporty material that wraps around the side of your face, to block out glares from your peripheral vision and even has breathable nose pads! Also, the comfort level of this style will leave you forgetting you’re even wearing anything on your face! Fuse Lenses is proud to offer you customized lenses in your Anclote frames (as well as any other frame style) in whatever color, coating or material you could ever want! You could even opt for getting multiple pairs of lenses and bringing them with you in case weather or lighting conditions change. 


Fuse Lenses 

Here at Fuse, we want to help you build your ideal pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes in all conditions and look good while doing it! In addition to having our very own line of affordable and high-quality sunglasses and frames, we make replacement lenses for any name brand of sunglasses. With over 20 lens colors to choose from, mirror coating, blue light, RX, and even transitions, the possibilities are endless! We will send you the lenses and you are free to either change them yourself or you can send your frames to us through our concierge service to switch them out for you! Keep in mind that if you don’t see your frame’s brand name on our list, we can still make custom lenses for you! 


Fuse Lenses is here for all your eye-protection needs this winter season, so if you‘re ready to hit the slopes in protective, yet still stylish sunglasses, be sure to check out some of the styles mentioned in this post, like our Glacier polarized, clear, yellow or even our photochromic lenses! Pair any of these with our Anclote frames or another style of your choosing! Protect those eyes and have fun with all your snowy festivities this winter season! 




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