Best Performance Sunglasses for your New Year’s Resolutions

A new year calls for new resolutions! We know you’ve had it in the back of your mind for a while now that you’d like to become more active, but we also know it can be tough to get into the rhythm of working out when it requires a lot of commitment and passion. Don’t you worry! At Fuse Lenses, we’re here to help you commit to your health and wellness with the most comfortable frames and performance-enhancing lens colors to wear during your favorite activities! In this post, we will discuss why you need sunglasses for sports and what the best lenses are for every outdoor activity this year! 


Man wearing sunglasses while holding fishing pole.
Enhance your vision and performance!

Sunglasses and Outdoor Activities 

It is no secret that using sunglasses as a tool for sports and outdoor exercise can increase how effective your workout is. The key here though is making sure that you’re using the right ones! Think about any time you’ve been on a run, been riding a bike, or played a sport where the sun and its glares were irritating your eyes. Not fun, is it? Not only does it make it hard to see, but it also weakens your performance and makes your workout less efficient… not anymore! Performance sunglasses have something special in their lenses that’s important for reducing glare and brightness when you’re out in the sun.  


What is Polarization and Why is it Important? 

What is this special technology you may be asking yourself? Well, it’s called polarization and it’s super important to have it when you’re picking out superior performance lenses! Polarized lenses have a chemical that filters out horizontal light rays (the kind that results in a glare). Your sunglasses will only let in vertical light rays, which don’t cause eye strain and headaches the way that harmful horizontal light rays do. This way, your eyes can fully relax when you’re outside, not to mention the fact that polarization increases the color contrast of everything around you, so you’ll be viewing everything around you in high definition, like an IMAX movie! 

If you’d like to learn more about polarization, click here to check out our video on this topic, where we discuss polarized vs. non-polarized sunglasses. 

Polarized lenses are most helpful to wear while doing water sports like rowing, kayaking, canoeing, or fishing since these lenses ward off the glare and reflections from the water. The power of our polarized lenses isn’t limited to just these sports though!  Use them for snow sports, biking, running and so much more! 


The Best Lens Colors and Coatings for Activities 

Not only do we offer polarization for our lenses, here at Fuse Lenses we also offer a wide variety of colors and coatings to work for everyday activities!  

Man wearing sunglasses while building a snowman
Hit the slopes in style!

So, let’s say you’re really involved in skiing, snowboarding or you’re trying your hand at more snow sports, you’ll want to try out polarized yellow lenses. This style is perfect for snow sports because it emphasizes icy spots, shadows, uneven ground and even helps cut through the fog and reduces snow glare to keep you safe! If you’re interested in learning more about the best lenses for snow sports and activities, click here to check our post where we talk about it a bit more in-depth! 


Man on bike wearing sunglasses
Photochromic Lenses are perfect for biking! 


Variable Light Conditions 

Let’s say you’re not big on snow sports, but you do like cycling, mountain biking, hiking and or running, which are activities that subject your eyes to a ton of changes in brightness over a brief period. This is where you’ll find our Photochromic lenses, AKA transition lenses, to be extremely helpful! These lenses use a special chemical to change their darkness depending on the environment you find yourself in. Using our photochromic lenses, you’ll be able to clearly see no matter where the sun is in the sky!  


Picture of the forest through the lens of glasses
Make your nature walks even more vibrant!

Outdoor Sports  

Another great option for these activities mentioned is our polarized G15 lenses, which includes a grey-green lens that fights glare, increases contrast definition, and even separates green and brown colors. These are a tried-and-true option for all you bicyclists, hikers, and runners out there!  


Man exercising while wearing sunglasses.
Make your workouts even more effective with our chrome lenses!


Organized Sports 

What about an option for those of you who play organized sports? If you play any kind of ball, polarized chrome lenses are going to be your best bet in enhancing your performance while playing! These lenses have a grey-based tint with a strong silver mirror coating that’ll save your eyes from any glare and blinding reflection off a goal post, pole, or bleachers, while sharpening and adding contrast to your field of vision. The best part? The mirrors prevent other players from being able to see your eyes, which is a huge advantage in scoring the winning point!  


Man riding an ATV wearing sunglasses
Navigate new terrain while making a statement with your sunglasses!


To our ATV and dirt bikers, consider opting for a brown lens to match the dirt you’re riding in while giving you a contrast boost and a bit of a monochromatic style statement. Like our G15 style lenses, a pair of our brown lenses does wonders at separating colors, especially when it comes to the environment, you’re navigating which may include rocks, bumps, and drop-offs too!  


Man riding bike while wearing color-enhancing sunglasses
AMPlify your vision during any daily activity!

AMP Color-Enhancing Lenses   

If you’re looking to add some vibrancy to your life, look no further! Using new and patented artificial intelligence technology, our AMP color-enhancing lenses filter out certain parts of the color spectrum that “overlap.” By filtering those wavelengths, the brain can get a clearer signal in distinguishing between colors, making everything more enhanced! Our AMP color-enhancing lenses boost color, increase contrast and detail and can help reduce eye fatigue, making them the perfect option for any outdoor activity! Click here to learn more about our AMP color-enhancing lenses!


Sunglasses sitting on top of wood
These frames are designed for optimal performance!

The Best Performance Frames for Outdoor Activities 

There are three things to look for in your next performance lenses: lightweight material, a wraparound style for maximum protection, and rubber nose pads to stop sunglasses from slipping. At Fuse Lenses, we have frames designed for performance, notably our Anclote frames! These frames are made of a flexible and sporty material that wraps around the side of your face to protect your peripheral vision and has super comfortable nose pads, so comfortable that you may even find yourself forgetting that you’re wearing them! Another option is a style we’re famous for… our Egmont sunglasses! These sunglasses earned us here at Fuse Lenses a spot in Business Insider’s list of the best polarized sunglasses of 2021! This style wraps around slightly to clock out light and the rubberized nose grips guarantee no slippage if you happen to start sweating.  


Customize your Performance Sunglasses 

Let’s say you already own a pair of sports sunglasses, and you just want to switch out the lenses, we are prepared to help you out with that! Here at Fuse Lenses, you’re able to customize your sunglasses with any of the lenses mentioned (and more) in any pair of brand-named frames you already own and love! The option of customizing the lenses in your sunglasses allows you to fine-tune your shades for any activity. If you don’t already have a pair of sunglasses you love, you’re also able to customize your own pair of sunglasses entirely through Fuse Lenses with either the Anclote or Egmont frames or opting for ones from the variety of other styles that we offer!  

This new year is your time to shine in being more active and here at Fuse Lenses, we are here to supply you with stylish and effective eyewear to enhance your performance across each workout you conquer! 

Best Sunglasses and Lenses for Snow Sports

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