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    National Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraiser Recap

    During the entire month of October, Fuse Lenses hosted a fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc (NBCF). This is the fourth year that Fuse has hosted a fundraiser and partnered with NBCF. The funds raised help with life-saving programs for women affected by this disease. Some of these programs include early detection, education, and support services. A limited-edition sticker, shown below, was sent to every person who donated to this cause as a thank you gift. All of the money raised in this campaign was donated straight to NBCF, Fuse did not keep any percentage.

    High-quality, weather proof vinyl sticker. "Ef Off Cancer", black white and pink
    The Ef Off Cancer sticker Fuse Lenses sent out to every person who donated.

    National Breast Cancer Foundation

    The National Breast Cancer Foundation was founded in 1991 by Janelle Hail with the help of her husband and family. Being a breast cancer survivor herself, Janelle wanted to help women with early breast cancer detection and education.


    In 1980, while doing a self checkup, Janelle noticed she had a growth in her breast. She was only 30 years old. She realized that in her time of need information was not readily available to her. 11 years later Janelle founded NBCF to help with the lack of information.


    The impact of NBCF is vast. It has provided over 1,000,000 breast health and patient navigation services, and over 1.7 million breast health resources to women in need. The following sections break down what NBCF did for the year of 2018.

    2018 Financial report of the National Breast Cancer Foundation on how they spent their donation money
    This pie chart was taken from the NBCF Finacial Report of 2018. It shows how their donation money was spent that year.

    National Mammography Program

    There are facilities all around the United States that provide screenings diagnostic mammograms, breast ultrasounds, clinical breast exams, and patient navigation. These services were given to 4,113 underserved individuals, who qualified for the program which was funded by an NBCF grant.

    Patient Navigator

    This program helps patients overcome barriers of cost, fear, and misinformation surrounding a disease and its prevention. In 2018, Patient Navigator helped 112,234 women in need.

    Breast Health Guides

    Comprehensive and educational information on breast health and healthy living is what NBCF wants to give to women. They provide online resources and guides about things like early detection, how to prepare for a mammogram, and more. Last year, 11,494 people were educated about breast health.

    Fuse Lenses Fundraiser with NBCF

    With the help of over 200 customers, Fuse was able to donate $1435.63 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The money donated will then be used by NBCF to fulfill their goals and fund varies programs. Whatever amount you were able to donate, whether big or small, was greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping Fuse give back!

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