What Does Your Dog Breed Say About You?

Dogs are amazing companions. They are loyal, compassionate, funny, and very loving. The type of dog breed you own can also say a lot about you. What does your dog breed say about your personality and what sunglasses you should be wearing?

Labrador Retriever: Outgoing

Labradors tend to make a great family dog because they are a friendly, outgoing, and a very affectionate dog. Since they are very friendly, they like to socialize with both dogs and humans alike. For this reason, people who usually own this breed of dog tend to be social butterflies who get along with a wide range of people.

For this reason, the Blenders Millena series might be the best fit for the outgoing owner of a Labrador Retriever. Its highly reflective surface will make you look cool and people will be complementing your shades. This is a great way to make new friends and start up some conversations.

Black Labrador Retriever wearing mirrored blue sunglasses. Blue Phoenix Millena sunglasses by Blenders Eyewear
Black Labrador Retriever wearing Blue Phoenix Millena sunglasses by Blenders Eyewear. Photo from fuselenses.com

Golden Retriever: Intelligent

Golden Retrievers are outgoing, trustworthy, and relatively easy to train. They are great dogs for hunting and fieldwork, which is why they are most commonly used as guide dogs for the blind, in search-and-rescue, and in obedience and other competitive events. Since these dogs are super smart, then that means their owners as viewed as intelligent as well for adopting them.

For our intellectual friend, Fuse recommends blue light glasses. You’re probably on the computer doing research or on your phone having intellectual conversations. We suggest some blue light blockers like Hardwire by Quay Australia.

Tan golden retriever wearing blue light glasses from Quay Australia
Golden Retriever wearing Quay Australia's Hardwire blue light lenses. Photo from Instagram, user handle @_goldenlenny.

Siberian Husky: Competitive

Huskies are quick and nimble-footed, which makes their running seem powerful and effortless. They are very energetic and sometimes have mischievous look on their faces. Their owners, therefore, are sometimes perceived as athletic and very competitive. Whether it’s Sunday night football, playing board games, or racing for the fastest time, owners of Huskies like a good competition. 

Since the husky and their person are competitive and sporty, then an Oakley Half Jacket might be the best shades for them. It has the 90’s NASCAR driver feel and a need for speed.

Half Jacket 2.0 XL sunglasses from Oakley. Black frames and dark gray lenses
Photo of Half Jacket 2.0 XL sunglasses from Oakley, Husky not shown. Photo by Oakley.com

German Shepard: Loyal

German Shepards, typically used as police dogs, are known to be loyal, confident and courageous. At first, they can be a little guarded and reserved -- but if they are fighting the bad guys, this might be the exact character trait you need. Once they warm up to a person, however, they are extremely loyal. Therefore, their human is also viewed as protective and loyal.

These loyal cop dogs and their owners would look really cool in aviators. Whether it’s being partners in crime, fighting bad guys or relaxing outside soaking up some sun. Try the Oakley Feedback for a similar look.

German Shepard wearing dark aviator sunglasses
German Shepard wearing generic aviators. Photo from Facebook.com @ Cesar Millan

Pit Bull: Family Oriented

The Pit Bull is a good companion and a family dog breed. They were originally bred to “bait” the bulls, which then evolved to being an all-around farm dog, and then moved into the house to become “nanny dogs”. They are really gentle around children. Owners of these dogs are also family-oriented and love being around children. This makes them great parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

A Pit Bull fanatic wears the classic Wayfarer style glasses from Ray-Ban. It’s timeless, sophisticated, and looks great on everyone.

Black Pit Bull wearing blue Wayfarer frames with dark gray lenses
Pit Bull wearing Wayfarer style sunglasses. Photo from dogster.com

Bulldog: Sentimental 

Bulldogs are easygoing creatures that love affection and cuddling. At first glance, Bulldogs appear intimating and sometimes scary. But they are gentle, loving, and sometimes a bit silly. The owners of this breed may have a tough exterior, but in reality, they can be sentimental and even romantic.

The round metal from Ray-Ban gives Bulldog’s owners that badass exterior with a hint of romance.

Black and white bulldog wearing round metal framed glasses
Bulldog wearing round, wired glasses. Photo from pinterest.com

Pugs: Loving

Pugs are a small yet muscular breed. With their round heads, sparkling eyes, and wrinkled brow, pugs give off a range of human-like expressions. Pugs are very versatile dogs that thrill in almost all settings. In the city or country, in hot or cold climates, with kids or without them, as the only pet or with other animals. Pugs just want to love and be loved in return, which is why owners of this breed are very loving people.

Spread the love that your pug gives you by rocking out the Heartbreaker sunglasses by Quay Australia.

Pug wearing heart-shaped, multicolored bedazzled sunglasses.
Pug wearing heart-shaped sunglasses. Heartbreaker sunglasses by Quay are not pictured. Photo from ardeaprints.com

Small Dog: High Maintenance

Different breeds of small dogs have different energy levels, friendliness, barking, and shedding. But the generalization is that owners of small breed dogs tend to be high maintenance because their pet typically is high maintenance. If it’s a small dog with longer fur, they might require frequent grooming. You can also fit small dogs into bags and strollers and there are more clothing options for small dogs.

Small dogs (and their owners) like to make a statement. That's why oversized sunglasses are the perfect shades for them. A recommendation from Fuse is the Becky sunglasses from Diff Eyewear.

Light brown shih tzu dog wearing oversized white sunglasses
Small dog wearing oversized sunglasses. Becky sunglasses is not pictured here. Photo from moderndogmagazine.com

Mutt: Fun

Owners of mutts are fun-loving, open-minded, and carefree. They don’t care about the breed of the dog as much as they do as their bond with them. They also probably adopted their mutt at an animal shelter. These people like going with the flow instead of following a strict plan. Mutt owners have a diverse group of friends. They like to try different things and have fun. They live their life by the motto “don’t worry, be happy.”

Since these are the type of people who are up for any adventure, they need glasses that are as tough as they are. The Fantail sunglasses from Costa’s are great for fishing or whatever else life throws at you.

Fantail sunglasses by Costa Del Mar
Photo os Fantail sunglasses by Costa Del Mar. Mutt not shown. Photo from costadelmar.com

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