Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Mom This Mother's Day

Planning out what to do on Mother’s Day can be stressful. Your mom is the person you can go to for anything and has literally been there for you since you were born, so it’s always challenging to find the perfect thing to do that will make her feel special and appreciated. How do you give back to the woman who has given you everything? Well, it’s hard to repay her for everything she’s done, but you can definitely give her a day out that makes her feel like her hard work as a mom is valued. Here at Fuse, we love getting outdoors and Mother’s Day is no exception. We’re going to give you a few low-cost and outdoor activities that you can do with your mom this Mother’s Day that will be fun and give her the day she deserves. 

A Picnic

Going out to eat is always a nice gesture, but moms love nothing more than special and private time with their family. Preparing a nice homemade meal and going somewhere peaceful outdoors is something that is relaxing and fun for the whole family. It’s also a gift to mom that she won’t have to prepare a meal or clean up after!


picnic basket on red blanket in front of trees
A picnic is a great way to get outside and have a nice meal with mom.

Go For a Walk

This one may seem extra simple, but as stated before, moms love nothing more than just spending time with their family. Getting outside in the fresh air and taking a nice stroll while catching up on everything going on in life is something that will be really meaningful to your mom. With life moving at the speed of light, taking a moment to unwind and just talk to your mom about how life’s going is something that is often overlooked, but very special.

Flower or Fruit Picking

With it being spring, many fruits and flowers are in bloom, so many farms are open for the opportunity for you to pick them yourselves. This is personally one of my favorite things to do with my mom. You get to spend quality time while doing something fun and different. Plus, you get to take home some fresh flowers or fruit at the end of the experience. Win-win!

Take a Bike Ride

Similar to taking a walk, this one allows you to just get out in the fresh air and experience life and the beauty of the outdoors together. It could be a ride around the block or you could even take a ride up to a local coffee shop or bakery. No matter where you go, this is something that is casual, fun, and allows you to get in that mom time that I’m sure is needed. 


four people riding bikes on the beach with helmets on
Going for a bike ride is a nice, relaxing and affordable way to spend time with your mom.


If your mom is really into her garden, then this is a great activity to do together. You could plant something new or just help her tend to the garden she already has going. Even if gardening isn’t your thing, taking interest in your mom’s interests and doing them together shows you care about her and appreciate her, which is what Mother’s Day is all about.

Yoga or an Outdoor Workout

If you really want to get your blood flowing, then doing some yoga or some kind of outdoor workout is the perfect activity to do with mom. Not only is it a fun activity you can do together, but if it’s been a stressful week, then this is the perfect way for both of you to relax, unwind, and relieve the stress you've built up. 


mom and son doing yoga outdoors
Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and unwind with mom.

Watch the Sunrise/Sunset

Want a relaxing way to spend time with mom? Watching the sunrise or sunset is perfect, especially if it’s on the beach. While there’s not much to it, this is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your mom and have nice conversations about life. This is an incredibly simple way of showing your mom that you value spending quality time with her.

Visit a Local Farmer’s/Craft Market

This is another one that I personally love doing with my mom. Not only do we get to walk around and talk to each other, but we get to shop for new and different items we haven’t seen before. We both love antiques and handmade crafts, so going to a market like this is perfect. It’s a great way to bond with your mom and maybe even get ideas for projects you could do together at home. 


Whether you’re having a picnic or working out together, these things are sure to make your mom happy on her special day. Ultimately, it is most important that you are spending time with your mom and letting her know she is important and appreciated on Mother’s Day. To all the mothers out there, we want you to know you are rockstars and we wouldn’t be who we are today without you. Thank you for everything you do and Happy Mother’s Day!

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