The Ultimate Oakley Flak Guide

You could probably think of about 20 different frames that all belong to the Oakley Flak family off the top of your head. It’s A LOT.  That’s why today, we’re here to break down the differences between a few of the big ones - the classic Oakley Flak Jacket, the Flak 2.0 XL, and the Flak Jacket XLJ. We see TONS of Flaks come through the Fuse Lab for new lenses and one of our most asked Oakley questions is about the difference between them, so, let’s get right to it!


First, let's talk lenses



Classic Flak Jacket lenses are quite a bit smaller vertically than the others. These lenses are only 36 millimeters tall and around 63 millimeters wide, which is pretty standard sizing as far as lenses go.


The Flak Jacket XLJ lens is basically the Classic Flak's sibling, with a slightly rounded edge and concave cut that hugs the cheek more. There’s practically no difference in measurements. The lens height does go up slightly on these shades at 37 millimeters on the XLJ’s.


Finally, the biggest for last, the 2.0 XL rocks vertically extended, concave lenses that are more squared at the bottom. This lens helps more effectively block out light from all angles. Since these are the XLs, the lens height does jump 2 whole millimeters from the originals to 38. However, the width of the lenses is actually a little less than the others, coming in at 59 millimeters.


Now, Moving on to the frames

Remember, when you’re buying shades online, always make sure to measure your face OR your current favorite sunglasses to make sure the measurements match the fit you need.

Classic Flak Jacket keeps it sleek with slim, semi-rimless frames that feel like nothing on the face. In fact, they are the featherweight champion here coming in at 24 grams, which is a whopping 8 grams lighter than the 2.0 XL. The bridge width on these sits at 14 millimeters, the temple length is 135, and the total frame width is 144 which makes it a great option for those that need a wider frame fit. 


Now, the Flak Jacket XLJ has all the same frame measurements as the classic Flak. The lenses are actually interchangeable between the two. That means if you do have a Flak Jacket or XLJ frame with no lenses, you’ll have to look at the model number to tell the difference.  If you need help finding out which model you have, reach out to the Fuse team at support.fuselenses.com and we’ll help you out.


And finally, Flak 2.0 XL, despite its XL name, is actually smaller than the other options. The bridge width comes in at 12 millimeters, and the temple length at 133. Even the frame width is 18 whole millimeters smaller, coming in at 126, which is significant


So if you're a part of our big head crowd eyeing the Flak 2.0 XL. Know that the XL means extended lenses, not bigger frames. Even though the frames look a bit thicker than the others, you’re not gonna like the fit. If you do need help finding the right fit for you, check out this video on the best shades for big heads.


Comfort is key, right? -how do these sunglasses fit?

The 2.0 XL is a comfortable sporty fit that sits above the cheekbone, typically doesn’t touch your face, and provides full eye coverage. These shades are absolutely perfect for those who might have a bigger eye area and can’t seem to find a pair of shades to cover them all the way – It’s the perfect option if you already love Oakley Flaks but need more coverage. 

The classic Flak Jacket and XLJ though? Same fit actually. That’s why Oakley’s Flak series is definitely one of its most popular lines.


Do note, that the 2.0 XL's larger lenses do take up more face real estate than the others. Oakley suggests the 2.0 XL for those with higher cheekbones. If that sounds like you, you should also check out this video with our picks for best Asian Fit shades, made for those with higher cheekbones and lower nose bridges


Finally, It’s time to dive into the finances

Both the Flak Jacket and the XLJ are $184, with some limited color options. About 6 colorways are available between the two. 
But! If you’re reading this close to posting, the Classic Flak’s are actually on sale for $128 – making them a sweet deal for Oakley. 

Lastly, the 2.0 XL starts higher at $194 on Oakley’s site, just a bit more expensive. Plus, it’s got the most color options of the three - a total of around 20 different color ways to match your every mood. And that’s not even counting the spin offs and collaborations that the 2.0 XL has. Although, keep in mind, those will cost you closer to $244.


So who's the ultimate Flak champion?


Our choice at Fuse has got to be the 2.0 XL. Number’s don’t lie – this frame is by far the most popular out of the three. We see tons of these in our lab daily. With a more universal fit and full coverage lenses, it’s a great frame. Plus, you can’t beat the color options of the 2.0 XL, Oakley has every color under the sun available. 


However, if you do have a wider face, we suggest taking it back to the Classic Flak for its wider, sleeker, and lightweight fit. Plus, being on sale at Oakley.com right now makes them the best deal of the three, if you can catch it.  


But - what if you want the color options that the 2.0 XL has? Well, Fuse Lenses has your back. We offer over 20 different replacement lens options that are made to fit in any of these starting under $25. We have polarized, mirrored, and even our AMP color enhancing lenses available. We can custom cut lenses for any brand, including all three of the frames we covered here: Oakley Flak Jacket, Oakley Flak 2.0 XL, and Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ


Shop All Lenses!


And there you have it – your cheat sheet on Oakley Flak Jacket, Flak Jacket XLJ, and Flak 2.0 XL. Do you have a different favorite pick? Comment down below and tell us why you like your top choice between these three frames! 




  • Classic Flak Jackets have the smallest lens of the three.
  • XLJ and Classic Flak have similar measurements and rounded edges.
  • Classic Flak offers the most lightweight frames.
  • 2.0 XL offers the heaviest frames.
  • Classic Flak and XLJ are around the same price of 184$.
  • 2.0 XL is the most expensive at around 250$. 


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