Why Transition Lenses are Perfect for Everyday Wear


When you think of transition lenses you probably think of them being a popular choice for children because of their convenience and functionality, but those same attributes are great for adults too. Photochromic options have come a long way from their single-color gray tint, and now there are a variety of colors and styles that are as fashionable as they are functional. Join us as we dive into what makes these lenses a perfect option for all ages.

What are transition lenses?

Photochromic lenses or light-transition lenses have a built in coating that activates when exposed to UV light from the sun. This coating automatically adjust its tint based on the amount of light being taken in, allowing the lenses to act as a hybrid between both clear and sunglasses. Unlike traditional sunglasses that block out light through polarization, photochromic lenses work with ultra violet light to darken and protect your eyes.
A side by side photo shows view with and without photochromic lenses
Photochromic lenses gradually tint to provide ultraviolet protection.

How they work

Photochromic lenses are layered with organic molecules called “naphthopyrans” that quickly react to the UV light.  These molecules subtly change their structure when ultraviolet light strikes them, and in this altered form they soak up more light as it tries to pass by, which causes the lenses to darken. Essentially, lots of molecules are suddenly darkening inside of the clear lens. This can be compared to slowly closing blinds on a sunny day; as the blinds turn, they progressively block light.

How they fit into your life

Keep up with you

Transition lenses are the perfect accessory for activities like walking, running errands, and attending sporting events since they instantly adapt to changing light conditions almost fully in under 15 minutes. The best part is, when the sun sets, they conveniently go back to looking like regular glasses without the need to switch frames.

Carry one pair

For a busy lifestyle, having photochromic lenses is ideal when carrying around multiple pairs of frames isn’t. Now your single pair of glasses can keep up and change throughout the day with your activities.

Cost effective

Photochromic lenses are incredibly cost effective because of their versatility. For a fraction of the cost of a pair of glasses and a pair of shades, you’re able to have one pair with equal functionality. With fuse styles starting at only $34.99, lens customization now suit your frames and your budget.
Man smiles in an arcade. His glasses have a light yellow tint
When indoors, the slightly yellow tint photochromic lenses have can filter bluelight.

They’re almost perfect, but…

Photochromic lenses are exceptionally versatile in ways that traditional lenses and sunglasses aren’t. However, there are a few places that this amazing technology still falls short. For example, most brands of photochromic lenses are not polarized which means that you’re more likely to notice glare even when they’re tinted. Weather and temperature can also cause performance issues such as crazing, delay in transition, or very dark levels of tint. Because photochromic lenses need ultraviolet rays to darken, they are not functional when used behind UV protected glass like a windshield but, become ultra-dark when outside in snow. Cold weather can cause photochromic lenses to transition more slowly than in warmer weather as the coating takes longer to react to UV rays. However, because these lenses have so many features packed into one, we feel the pros are worth the cons.

Taking care of your lenses

Keep em' clean

Taking care of photochromic lenses is simple and doing so will ensure that they maintain their quality and functionality. The easiest way to take care of your lenses is to spray them with a mild lens cleaner and dry with a microfiber cloth.

    Avoid high Temps

      Because photochromic lenses can be effected by extreme heat, It is best to avoid leaving them in a hot car or wearing them for activities like grilling. Exposure to high temperatures will cause the lenses to “craze” and though this is not common it can effect the quality. Crazing can occur when the lenses quickly expand or contract due to heat, causing a blurry field of vision and cracked coating.

        Store them right

          To avoid crazing or other temperature warping, we suggest storing your frames in a glasses case that will reduce direct sunlight. Luckily, all fuse lenses and glasses come with a super stylish case for safe keeping.


          How Fuse helps

          Cross section photo labels pats of a photochromic lens
          Our lenses combine cutting edge technology with style.
          Though the technology behind photochromic lenses can seem complicated, here at Fuse we make the ordering process a breeze. If you have your own frames, you’ll want to try our custom cut photochromic replacement lenses that fit into a variety of brands like Oakley, Rayban, or Costa Del Mar. These custom cut lenses can easily be inserted by popping them into your existing frame within seconds. If you’d like us to give you a hand or don’t see your brand on our list, you’ll want to use the concierge service where for a small fee we’ll trace, create, and replace them for you. Next time you’re in the market for sunglasses or clear lenses consider Fuse your one stop shop for photochromic options.



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