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    Guide to Fuse Lenses: A Complete Guide to Fuse

    Who We Are

    Fuse was founded in 2011 by two optical experts dedicated to crafting high quality lenses for sunglasses when they noticed a lack of replacement options. Since then Fuse has grown to creating lenses, frames, and accessories for eyewear fans and connoisseurs alike. Using optical grade-polycarbonate materials, we custom cut lenses to fit unique and name brand glasses.

    Over the years, we’ve grown not only our products, but also our community of athletes, advocates, and trusted Fuse partners. We know your sunglasses get beat up - dropped, sat on, and taken into the harshest elements - and they don’t always stand up to the challenge. That’s why we continuously work to develop stronger scratch resistance, more durable coatings, and crisper optics. We want to not only provide the vision you expect for your high quality frames, but also become a trusted partner in all of your everyday adventures. Wanna meet the team behind fuse? Check out our "about us" page here.

    The fuse team stands in the lens lab and poses for a picture
    The Fuse team sure has grown in the past 10 years!

    How it Works

    Lenses For Any Frame

    Here at Fuse, we make finding lenses to fit your needs, and favorite frames simple. To get started head to fuselenses.com, select your brand and model, customize your lenses with polarization and 20 + finish options (even prescription), then we custom cut and ship them your way.

    Not sure what frames you have? Check out our guide to identifying your frames here. Still don’t see your frames listed on our site? Try our custom program that lets us do the work for you. That’s right, after you send them in, we trace your frames, custom cut and replace the lenses, then send them back to you ready to wear. It just doesn’t get any easier than that.


    Your vision is constantly changing and with replacement lenses it’s easy to update your glasses as often as your prescription. Replacement lenses begin at $129 – and the best part? We accept FSA or HSA and have installment pay options. Even our Rx lenses are covered by a 1 year, 1-time replacement warranty that covers manufacturer defects to keep you on the go no matter what.

    Fuse Lenses Replacement Lens Options

    Whether your lenses are damaged, or you’re just ready for something new, we have lenses crafted with your needs in mind.

       Lens Colors

         Mirrored Lenses

    A woman in mirrored lenses laughs with a smile
    Mirrored styles like cascade provide a sharp visual field while keeping your eyes protected.

    Often uniquely and brilliantly colored, mirrored lenses are a popular choice for outdoor activities. Mirrored sunglasses contain a reflective flash coating on the lens that can help to reflect anywhere from 10 - 60% of ultraviolet rays. Our traditional mirrored lenses (like the styles glacier and sapphire) offer a distinct and sharp mirrored appearance, while our “flash” styles (like Midnight and carbon) offer a subtle reflective layer. Because mirrored lenses reduce glare and sunrays greatly, eye health is improved and damage is reduced greatly. To give you the best of both worlds, we offer polarized, mirrored lenses that maximize your lenses’ functionality.

     Tinted  (non-mirrored) Lenses

    It can be confusing for anyone short of sunglass aficionado status to know what lenses might be right for them. With non-mirrored options for cloudy weather, outdoor sports, and snow, it can be hard to tell which are perfect for your daily life. When deciding on non-mirrored lenses, be sure to keep these differences of each in mind:

    A grey tint is the darkest tint and can aid you in cutting glare. Grey is a versatile color and can be used in a broad range of activities and weather conditions, all while offering true color perception. Wear these lenses for everything from walking your dog to hitting the slopes. Most of our mirror-coated lenses are on a grey base for maximum versatility!

    G15, better known as green lenses were developed as a prime choice for aviators and they are still on top today! These lenses offer even color perception, which helps to keep color distortion at a minimum. They also improve contrast between green and brown, which can help with reads of greens and fairways, making them a top choice for golfers too!

    A brown tint is one of the most popular tints for sunglasses on the market. This lens helps to heighten contrast and improve depth perception, especially on sunny days. It is optimal for a variety of outdoor activities including inshore fishing, golf, boating and more!

    Yellow tinted lens can offer greater clarity in fog, haze, and other low-light conditions. The tint can increase visibility and improve depth perception. Often, yellow lenses are preferred for indoor uses, for electronic devices, or to increase accuracy in sports. Yellow can improve your game from archery to a round of tennis.

       Blue Light

    A woman in blue light lenses looks at a tablet
    Blue light glasses are perfect for stopping digital eyestrain in its tracks.

    Plugging away on your laptop can cause major digital eyestrain that can be alleviated by adding blue light glasses to your routine. These clear but stylish lenses filter out high-energy blue light that can cause migraines, dry eyes, and light sensitivity. Healthy eyes can mean increased productivity, more restful sleep, and a reduced chance of long term side effects. Here at Fuse, we offer custom replacement blue light lenses that easily pop in and out of your existing glasses so you don’t have to give up your favorite frames. For even more ways to combat digital eyestrain before it starts, be sure to check out our blog post.


    When you think of transition lenses you probably think of their convenience and functionality. Photochromic options have come a long way from their single-color gray tint, and now there are a variety of colors and styles that are as fashionable as they are functional.

    Photochromic lenses or light-transition lenses have a built-in coating that activates when exposed to UV light from the sun. This coating automatically adjust its tint based on the amount of light being taken in, allowing the lenses to act as a hybrid between both clear and sunglasses. Did you know photochromic lenses are available without prescription? Our non-prescription photochromic lenses block blue light, so their base color is like slightly yellow, not 100% clear.

    For a busy lifestyle, having a single pair of glasses that can keep up is ideal when carrying around multiple pairs isn’t. For a fraction of the cost of a pair of glasses and a pair of shades, you’re able to have one pair with equal functionality.


    If you love fishing, skiing, or any other outdoor activity, a pair of polarized sunglasses is essential. Polarized lenses have a filter in them that blocks glare where regular sunglasses don’t. Polarized lenses have a base tint that looks a bit grey giving everything a bright and vivid effect. Polarization works much like blinds, blocking all horizontal light and only allowing vertical light. That helps to reduce glare on roads, on slopes, and out on the great blue sea.

    While regular polarized sunglasses tend to always cost more because of the benefits they offer - reduce eye strain, reduce glare and protect your eyes. At Fuse though high quality polarized lenses that start at 30 dollars. We can reuse and repurpose your existing awesome frames that you’ve come to love so much and that you already know you look good in.

     -Fuse +Plus

    You may know that our customization experience applies to tints, but did you know it also applies to coatings?  While our standard, non-polarized lenses block 100% of harmful UV light and are made from Polycarbonate, we offer two additional coatings that feature even more. Finally, Fuse +Plus Polarized + Anti-Reflective Coating lenses have all the benefits of standard and polarized lenses plus our Clear Guard hydro-oleophobic coating for easy cleaning, an Ion backside Anti-Reflective coating to block distracting light, and a stronger Fuse Force hard coating for up to 2.6 times more scratch resistance than our other lenses.

    How to Replace Your Lenses

    Hands place lenses into a glasses frame
    Don't throw away those old frames, your lenses can be replaced in a matter of seconds.

    Replacement lenses are our specialty, and replacing old lenses is simple and can be done in a matter of seconds. Begin at the nasal corner of the lens on the backside of the frame. Placing your thumb firmly, push with you thumb forward on the lens while pulling back on the frame. If your lenses show resistance just know lenses are more durable than they appear.

    To install new lenses, position your hands at the temple corner. Set the lens into the grooves of the frame, push, and work your thumbs around the edges of the frame until you hear an audible snap, and repeat on the other eye. For a visual guide on replacing lenses, be sure to check out our YouTube tutorial

    If this sounds a bit too intimidating, we offer a concierge service that allows you to do all the work after simply send your frames. Then, we’ll send them back to you, ready to wear!

    Need New Sunglasses?

    Although lenses are our specialty, we’re experts in all things eyewear, including frames! From our cool and classic bestselling styles like Egmont and 3 Rooker, to light and fun Jupiter and Anna Maria, there’s something for everyone. Inspired by local Florida beaches and customized by you, our complete sun and bluelight glasses start at just $19.99. The best part? All Fuse Sunglasses include a lifetime, 1-time replacement warranty. Whether your frame is cracked, scratched, or just lost - you're covered!

    What Sets Fuse Apart

    Birds eye view of a desk with blue light glasses and tablet
    Our frames offer style that you can see, and quality you can trust.

    While there are many lens replacement and eyewear companies, here at Fuse we are in a league of our own. We proudly ensure that all lenses have been tested to meet or surpass ANSI Z87.1 ratings for driving suitability and impact resistance. Not only do we hand craft our own line of optical grade polycarbonate replacement lenses, but they are also made with optical-grade polycarbonate material that offers 100% UV protection. And because we know you’ll love our lenses, lens purchases include a 1 year, 1 time replacement warranty standard, no questions asked. With over 20+ options for lens customization, reusing your frames, or discovering a new favorite is easier than ever.

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    Warranty Details

    Fuse +Plus Warranty

    Fuse +Plus lens purchases include a lifetime, 1 time replacement guarantee. It doesn’t matter if something happens today, tomorrow, or 10 years from now -- we’ve got your back.

    Standard Warranty

    All lens purchases include a 1 year, 1 time replacement warranty standard, no questions asked.

    Extended Warranty

    On top of that, we allow you to extend your standard warranty for another year! Just add the extra warranty to your cart, and we will add on another 1 year, 1 time replacement to your purchase. For Fuse +Plus lenses, this add-on is for one extra lens replacement over the lifetime of your lenses.

    Warranty redemptions may only be used for a lens of the same value and for the same frame as the original purchase. If your lenses become damaged at any time during the warranty time period, simply contact customer service from our Help Center to get a fresh set of lenses.

    60 Day Guarantee, Buy With Confidence!

    All lens purchases include a 60-day guarantee. Within 60 days after the date of delivery, you may exchange or return your item for a full refund. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused, in the original packaging, and in the same condition that you received it.

    Unfortunately, gift cards are ineligible for returns. Additionally, past 60 days we are unable to offer you a refund. To complete your return, we require proof of purchase..

    We get a ton of packages, so please do not send your items back without first receiving a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. You will receive an RMA number once you have started a return or exchange. To start a return or exchange, contact us at from our Help Center.

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