Dry Eyes Causes and Home Remedies to Help Dry Eyes

Let’s face it, the weather is changing rapidly, the air is freezing, and your eyes are about as dry as can be! It’s unbearable when you experience that stinging, scratchy sensation on your cornea and we know that you’re sick of relying on eye drops. In this post, we will be talking about what exactly may be causing your eye dryness and how you can treat them with 5 of our best tips!  

Why do you get dry eyes?  

Let’s get one thing straight, the symptoms you’ll likely experience when you have dry eyes can vary, but you’ll likely have stinging and burning, difficulty seeing at night, or increased sensitivity to light. Or maybe you have blurred vision, eye fatigue, the sensation that something is stuck in your eye, and or extreme wateriness which is called “reflex tearing,” where your tear ducts are trying to overcompensate for lost moisture.  


Pair Of Glasses beside a bottle of eye drops
Save your tears, Fuse is here!

Dry eyes occur if you aren’t producing enough tears, or if you produce poor-quality tears which is usually a direct result of changing weather. In the fall or winter for example, it can be windy, and the air tends to be drier, you may notice your eyes acting up more in these conditions. Or maybe you’ll notice your eyes are in their driest state when you’re running outside or riding a bike, in air-conditioned rooms, and even after looking at a TV or computer screen for a few hours. Each of these things can lead to inflammation and even damage the surface of the eye… which is not something we want for you. So, if you’re experiencing some of these dry eye symptoms over an extended period or if your symptoms are worsening, you should talk to your eye doctor about solutions moving forward. But if you’re someone who’s just simply tired of making runs to Costco to buy artificial tears in bulk, here are some treatments you can do from home that’ll offset how often you need to use them! 


5 Tips to treat dry eyes at home 

      1. Our first treatment tip is to buy a humidifier, which is going to give you some major relief. Humidifiers work by restoring moisture back into the air that’s lost in the colder months, which helps your tears evaporate more slowly. When they’re not being constantly dried up, your tear production will get back to normal and your eyes will remain moist. 

      2. Our next tip for you is to consider using blankets to keep you warm instead of turning up the thermostat too much. Even though this might seem counterintuitive, furnaces remove moisture from the air and make your home less hospitable for your eyes! The same thing goes if you live in a super-hot area – air conditioners can suck out moisture too, so try to rely less on your appliances where it’s possible.  

      3. If you’re having a super stingy-eyed day and need immediate relief, try out our 3rd tip: a warm compress! Just soak a washcloth with warm water and put it over your eyes for 10-15 minutes to stimulate your tear ducts.  

      4. When you find yourself unable to avoid the hard winds and chilly weather, use tip #4 and wear glasses that wrap around your face. Lenses that extend past your peripheral vision give an added layer of protection from the chilly air. Here at Fuse Lenses, our new style called the Anclote wraps further around the sides of your eyes, which gives you a shelf of protection against harsh conditions!

      5. Now since humans don’t have built-in blue light filters, we need  something to do that for us. Fortunately, here at Fuse lenses, we’re prepared to help you with this issue in our 5th and final tip! Introducing our blue light glasses! They’re clear lenses that have a yellow-tinted filter that are specially designed to block out blue light waves from hitting our eyes. Now if you find yourself to be skeptical at this point, thinking “there’s no way these glasses will actually help me with my eye strain!” we encourage you to click here to check out our blog post where we talk about all the awesome benefits of Blue Light Lenses!  


Anclote Sunglasses in frame
Keep your eyes protected & look good while doing so!



⚡Did you know that aside from environmental conditions, dry eyes can also be caused by something called digital eye strain? When you stare at your electronics for an extended period of time, it’s a huge burden on your eyes. If you’d like to learn more about this topic, click here to check out our blog post where we go in depth in talking about the phenomena known as Digital Eye Strain! 

Man experiencing Digital Eye Pain from staring at Phone Screen
No Strain, No Pain!

If you look at the contrast between the regular clear glasses and blue light filtering lenses in this picture, you can see that you still get a perfect image of everything on your screen. The only difference is that the contrast between colors is toned down to ease eye strain, making your eyes less dry! So, you might be asking yourself, “where can I get an awesome pair of blue light glasses for an even better price?” and to that, we say look no further! At Fuse Lenses, we’ll turn any Ol’ glasses or sunglasses frames into clear blue light glasses, starting at only $24.99! If you need, we can even add your prescription to the lenses, which is as simple as uploading your Rx information! You can start by taking the prescription lens survey on our website FueLenses.com/YouTube and pick out the blue light option. Just send us your favorite frames and we’ll replace the lenses with your customized blue light blockers.  

Fuse Lenses Blue light sunglasses
Get Your Blue Light Blockers Only Here at Fuse Lenses!



When you take care of your eye dryness with our tips, you’ll be able to see the changes for yourself (literally and figuratively) and how they make a world’s difference! At Fuse Lenses, we’re ready to be part of the solution! 


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